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No Shave November Special: How To Clean Your Beard The Right Way

Grooming a beard is not as easy a task as it seems. Beard adds charm and glamour to your personality. But, if the same beard is not well-kept, it can destroy your entire look and make you look washed out and shabby. Growing the beard needs time and patience and that is a factor we consider when we decide to keep a beard. But, what we don't consider is the beard would need proper care and grooming.


But grooming the beard doesn't just involve trimming or brushing it. It also means you need to clean or wash your beard regularly. And washing a beard is not the same thing as washing your hair. You need to do it the right way. And so, in this article today we tell you how to clean your beard properly.

How To Clean Your Beard?

1. Shampoo the beard

You need to shampoo your hair to wash it cleans. But, the shampoo you use for your hair is not the one that you are going to use on your beard. You need to use a shampoo specifically meant for your beard to wash it.


Wet your beard, take some shampoo on the palms of your hands, rub the shampoo on your beard thoroughly to form lather. Wash it off thoroughly.

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2. Apply some conditioner

Your beard hair is rough and coarse and a beard conditioner helps soften it and make your beard manageable. Therefore the need to condition your hair. Again, you need to use a conditioner that is specifically meant to be used on your beard.

After you are done shampooing your hair, take some beard conditioner and apply it on your beard. Leave it on for a few seconds and rinse it off.

3. Ensure no residue is left

After you are done washing your beard, make sure no residue is left on your beard. Wash your beard thoroughly with water to do that.

4. Dry it gently

Now, don't be harsh with your beard when it comes to drying the beard. Pulling and tugging on the beard will only damage it. Use a soft towel to pat dry your beard and let it air dry.

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5. Moisturise the beard

Keeping the beard and the skin underneath it moisturised is very crucial to maintain beard health. Take some beard oil or beard balm, warm it up between your palms and massage into the skin underneath your beard and spread it all over your beard to moisturise it.

6. Comb it out

The last thing you need to do is to comb through your beard. You would need a beard comb to do that. This will remove the tangles from your beard and give it a more defined shape.

How Often Should You Clean Your Beard?

To maintain your beard health and appearance, wash your beard 2-3 times in a week. Using your beard daily is not recommended as it might damage your beard by striping the moisture of it. If you sweat a lot or work outdoors and there are chances that your beard gets dirty frequently, wash your beard every alternate day.

Tips To Maintain Beard Health

  • Over-washing the beard is never a great idea.
  • Using hot water to wash your beard is a bad idea. Use lukewarm water instead to wash it.
  • Trim your beard regularly.
  • Use only the products meant for the beard to wash it clean.
  • Comb your beard gently and daily. Use a beard comb for that. These are various types and kinds of beard combs available these days in the market.
  • If you use a blow dryer to dry your beard, don't use very high temperature. You can also use the cold air setting to dry your beard.

Story first published: Monday, November 11, 2019, 15:32 [IST]
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