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No Shave November Special: Benefits Of Beard Wax And How To Use It

No Shave November is that month of the year when men flaunt their long beard for one month. If you have been an active participant, you have definitely been giving your beard the love and care it deserves. We have been sharing a lot of tips and information about the essential grooming products like beard oil and beard balm to keep you motivated and help your beard grow. Well, today, in this article, we have talked about yet another important product, that is beard wax.

Beard wax is that essential grooming product which keeps your desired and styled facial hair in place. Of course, what is the use of growing the beard with so much effort if you are not styling it the way you always wanted it to be? Beard wax not just helps you in styling your facial hair properly, but it also keeps your beard strong and protects it from being damaged by weather elements like wind or rain. So, read on further to know tips of beard wax, ingredients, its benefits, how to apply it and more.

Ingredients In Beard Wax

Beard wax is similar to beard balm. It's just that unlike balm, beeswax is added to the base of beard wax, which allows for a little more control over your beard. Before using any brand's beard wax, it's very important to know the ingredients involved in it. A good brand's beard wax may have the following ingredients.

• Beeswax

• Coconut oil or shea butter

• Castor oil

• Vaseline

• Gum arabic or pine resin

• Scented oils or menthol

• Tallow

Benefits Of Using Beard Wax

Beard wax is the perfect grooming product to keep your styled facial hair in place for a longer time. It's good to know the qualities and benefits of any beard grooming product to keep your doubts clear.

• It nourishes the facial hair.

• It prevents flakes.

• It provides moisture.

• It provides a cooling sensation.

• It provides a pleasant smell.

• Beeswax provides stronger hold.

• It adds shine to your beard.

How To Apply The Beard Wax

Applying the beard wax is not a tricky process. But one must know the right procedure to get the best results. Just for your information, wax is thicker than balm, so apply it carefully. Here is how you can apply the beard wax.

• First, wash your beard with shampoo and follow up with conditioner.

• Once you have perfectly cleaned your facial hair and conditioned it, towel dry and comb it before using wax.

• Now, take an appropriate amount of wax from the tin using your thumbnail, depending on the length and quality of your beard.

• Next, rub the wax between your palms until it melts.

• Apply the wax on your beard from the sides of the beard.

• Working your way to the rest of your hair including roots, massage the wax properly all over your beard.

• Comb your beard to evenly distribute the wax all over. Use the comb not to just to distribute the wax but also to give it the desired shape.

• Leave the wax for a few minutes to dry and set in.

When And How Often To Apply Beard Wax

Post washing and conditioning your beard, once you towel dry it, you can apply the required amount of beard wax all over your facial hair and massage it well. Ideally, beard wax can be used three times a week, but it actually depends on the length and quality of your hair.

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