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4 Easy Grooming Tips For Men To Smell Great Naturally

Imagine you are getting ready to meet your date, you would want to look your best and do everything you can to impress her, right?

Wearing clothes that make you look fitter, a stylish hair-cut, a sexy beard, along with all that, smelling great is also very important for a man to come off as charming and attractive.

Bad body odour in a man can surely be a turn off and will not help much in improving his desirability quotient!

Men tend to sweat more than women, in most cases, thanks to all the male hormones doing their work. Also, if you are a man who regularly works out, chances are that your sweat glands work overtime, leading to bad body odour.

While it is true that sweat contains pheromones that attract the opposite sex, it also is a fact that if you let your sweat stay on for a long time, it will be a playground for bacteria that cause bad body odour and skin itches.

Most men already know that spraying on perfumes and deodorants can help them keep body odour at bay.

However, there are a few other simple everyday tips that you can follow, if you want to smell good naturally! Read all about them, here.

1. Use Antibacterial Soap

Using an antibacterial soap while showering can help kill the bacterial build-up on your body and reduce sweat production, thereby keeping body odour at bay.

2. Wear Cotton Clothes

Wearing cotton tees or shirts can help in the better absorption of sweat and leave your armpits feeling fresh, with no undesirable odour.

3. Maintain Armpit Hygiene

Men usually keep on their armpit hair, unlike women, which can lead to the accumulation of sweat and make the guys smell bad. So, it is advisable for men to regularly clean their armpits, preferably twice or thrice in a day.

4. Change Your Socks Regularly

Re-using the same pair of socks continuously for many days can also lead to bad body odour. Ensure that your wash your socks regularly and use a fresh pair once in a couple of days.

Story first published: Saturday, May 14, 2016, 11:30 [IST]
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