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5 Grooming Tips That Men Can Use!

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Most men think that grooming is something that women need. Actually it is quite the opposite. Women pay enough attention to their clothes, makeup and also do sufficient research on fashion statements. Mostly, men do not do much fashion research. So, they compensate for their lack of knowledge by sticking to the basics and not trying anything different.

Men can have a style of their own if they are brave enough to experiment. But, before you get too adventurous get some basic fashion fundas right. These grooming tips for men tell you how you can turn the usual to unusual.

Men Grooming Tips

5 Inevitable Grooming Tips For Men:

1. Stitch Your Shirts: Most men think shirts are supposed to be brought just off the shelves. Actually, a shirt for men is what a blouse is for women. It has to fit you properly like your second skin. On an average, most men buy shirts that are at least one size large for them. If it is not possible for you to buy the perfectly fitting ready-made shirt size, it is better to get shirts stitched by a tailor

2. Choose Your Jackets Wisely: A jacket is supposed to enhance your look and not hide your faults. But, most of the men use jackets to hide their pot bellies or beef up their shoulders. There is a jacket for every look. For example, a sleeveless jacket with a hood gives you the sporty look. So, make sure your jacket matches your look and is not a prop to hide your unflattering body parts.

3. Have Beard, Use It: Beard is a mark of manliness. God knows when the Alpha man with a clean shaven cheeks became the only fashion mantra that works. Grooming men beard is one of greatest fashion challenges. Guys, stubbled and clean shaven are not the only two looks you can sport. Every man should have his own beard style that goes well with the shape of your face.

4. Stop Matching Belts With Shoes: Some fashion gurus in the past said that you must match your belt with your shoes and men have been following this fashion dictum for half a century blindly. If a rule prevents you from experimenting with accessories then you must change it. Men can style themselves with bright red shoes and bubblegum green belts. Just make sure you don't overuse colour with your shoes and belts at once!

5. The Scent Of A Man: Most men think of perfumes and deodorants as a means to an end. Men are supposed to use perfume so that they do not smell bad. Change it a little bit, use cologne to smell good instead of using it to camouflage body odour. Men need grooming to choose a cologne that best describes their character; it should be your characteristic smell.

First of all, accept the fact that men needs grooming. Then you can use these grooming tips without prejudice and you will start feeling the difference in your look.

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 3, 2012, 15:15 [IST]
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