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Instances When You Will Be Thankful To Have Added BB Cream In Your Make-up Arsenal

The base make-up more or less sets the tone for how your make-up look turns out. Our base make-up usually consists of two products- foundation and concealer. While foundation and concealer do a great job to give you flawless looking skin, the fact that you are wearing make-up becomes evident when you wear them. And a full face of make-up might not be the look you want to go for always. And that is where BB creams come into the picture.

BB creams are much like tinted moisturisers that are not heavy on the face but works well to even your skin tone. From the time BB creams launched many years ago, it has gained its own place in the make-up industry and is well-loved. Influenced by the craze around BB creams, you also might have bought one but never really could find how and when to use it. Today, we are going about all the instances when you will be thankful to have added the BB cream in your make-up bag.


When You Want To Rock The No-Makeup Look

Being in touch with the latest beauty trends is important if you are a make-up junkie. These beauty trends are not always overrated. Sometimes they are worth giving a try. And one such look is the ‘no-makeup' make-up look. It is a look that entails keeping the look as natural as possible. So, the foundation is really out of the question when creating a no-makeup look. To get an even tone while creating a no-makeup look, BB cream is your best option.

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When You Want To Give Heavy Make-up A Break

A full face of make-up is a great look to pull off. But it is not possible to rock a full face of make-up every time. For the times you want to go light on the make-up, use the BB cream as your base, add some glam to your eyes and cheeks and you are done. It is a look that is not intense but does a great job of glamming you up.


To Fix Minor Mistakes

Unfortunately, make-up is not as full-proof as we would like it to be. During the day, it shifts around and become cakey. BB cream is your saviour here. Keep a BB cream and beauty blender in your make-up bag and use it to touch up your make-up and fix your minor mistakes.


When You Are On Holidays

Holidays is the time to have some fun. And the make-up that melts is not anyone's idea of fun. Putting on a heavy layer of foundation and concealer, however, is a recipe for disaster during the holidays. And not dolling up is also not an option (think about the pictures that you are going to take!). BB cream gives you a middle ground. The make-up is not so heavy so as to worry about it and it is not non-existent that your pictures won't come good.


For The First Date

First dates are often tricky. You want to make an impact but you also do not want to seem very desperate. Doing all the jazz of foundation, concealer, bronzer and contour can make you look desperate. Again, BB cream is the perfect solution. It gives you a flawless-looking skin to charm your date with.


When You Are In Transit

Airport looks have become this huge thing. With the celebrities acing their airport looks, you also want to look amazing during your travel whether it is work or leisure related. But wearing make-up during your travel can be rather inconvenient. Plug in BB cream. Just put on a little BB cream and you are ready to dazzle.


To Hide Subtle Blemishes

Make-up is not always done to glam up. Sometimes it is done to hide the flaws that make you insecure. At the same time, for those who do not wear make-up, it can be quite intimidating. BB creams help you ease into the make-up world. If you are suffering from blemishes or uneven skin tone, apply some BB cream on your face and enjoy a relaxing day.

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When Attending An Interview

Interviews are intimidating and nerve-wracking. Looking presentable for the interview can calm us down. But you have to strike a balance when getting ready for the interview. Look presentable but not OTT. And what do you think will help you strike the balance? Yep, you guessed it right- BB cream. BB cream makes for an amazing base for the formal look.

Story first published: Thursday, April 30, 2020, 10:00 [IST]
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