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Eye Makeup: Top 5 Graphic Liner Designs For The Summer And How To Apply Them

Graphic liner is the biggest trend of the season! It is easy to build up and takes around 1 minute to finish the look. You don't have to go all out, even a simple design with your black eyeliner does the job. Plus, it's a new way of applying your eyeliner from the basic cat-eye to funky designs. Since it is such a new trend of this season let's get you applying some of the best graphic liners looks for the summer. If you don't have a graphic liner, you can always work it up with your black eyeliner as well.

1. Ombre Graphic Liner For Summer:

If you have different types of graphic liners in your makeup bag then why not draw an ombre look? You can create this look by taking two or more graphic liners in different colours with dark and light forms. The ombre effect is trendy and would look good for summer parties. You can choose colours like shades of green, pink, orange, black, red, blue and yellow. These are perfect for summer and you will have not to worry about reapplying every now and then.


1. For the ombre look, start by applying a lighter shade from half of the waterline.
2. Make a line from the inner corners using different colours section by section.
3. Drag the same line to the lid and change the colour
4. Just like you apply the wing of the eyeliner, do it in that way till the outer crease area.
5. From there you can stretch it to the mid crease.
6. Use your imagination when choosing any colour for the look.
7. If you want then you can add glitter eyeshadow beforehand to complete the look.

You can have a look at the image for your reference.

2. Flower Design For Summer:

A simple flower design looks fresh and is great for summer looks. You can wear this with almost any summer fits like jeans and top, jumpsuits, maxi dresses, athleisure and what not. For this look, you would only need white and yellow coloured graphic liners.


1. For this look, you can apply your eyeshadow or you can choose to go without it.
2. Start by dotting yellow graphic liner from the inner corners to the outer.
3. You can keep space in between for the flowers.
4. Take your white liner and start drawing in the shape of a flower. It could be basic where you can put another dot and drag a little further to make the design.
5. Take any shade of eyeshadow, and put it under the lower lash line to finish the whole look.

3. Pop of Colour:

With a little dotting design, you can stand out like a pro. You just need a dotting device or a toothpick to create this look. It is best suited for summer brunch with your friends. Just add on your favourite hat, some casuals and you are done for the day. It is best for people who are looking forward to a quick glam makeup look for summer.


1. You can create this look with just one graphic liner as well but if you want the same look then get 3-4 colours.
2. For this eye-popping design, take a toothpick and start by dotting from the mid lid.
3. You can try small, big, mid-size, large depending on your style.
4. The dots need not be perfect.
5. If you want then you can try the cat-eye style where you can put dots in that shape.

4. The Rainbow Look Is Perfect For Summer:

Going for a vacation? Try out the rainbow look! Don't worry, you don't need tons of graphic liners even three liners will do the justice. Impress your mates with these beautiful eyeliner shaped graphic liners. Do a simple makeup but make it even brighter with these designs. It is great for people who love to experiment and are not afraid of trying new trends.


1. You just need the colours that attract you the most and are perfect for creating a rainbow design.
2. Start by applying a one-liner just like how you would apply your basic eyeliner in a straight wing.
3. Take the other ones and apply them one by one on top of each.
4. Finish this by applying it to your crease.
5. For completing the look you can apply on the mascara.

5. Nail It With The Classic Black For Summer:

If nothing is appealing to you and you want to create something with the black then try out the zebra method. It is perfect for a night look. You can also opt for this look while attending any concert, show, party and dinner. For this look, you only need black eyeliner.


1. Start by making a line from the inner corners of the eyes and extending it to the wing shape.
2. You can be creative with this and apply it like how you apply your eyeliner.
3. Fill in the lid with your eyeliner.
4. Take an earbud and apply a few drops of makeup remover.
5. With the same earbud, go ahead and remove the eyeliner in such a way that it creates a straight line.
6. The zebra look is ready.
7. Apply your glam makeup and you are done.

These graphic liners will take out the creative head in you and will make sure that you look perfect when going out in summer. Don't stick to only these, up your game with different styles. Who knows you can be the next inspiration to the world. If you liked the article then do let us know in the comment section below.

Image Credit: Instagram

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