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3 Awesome Tips To Maintain Your Brows At Home

So, how's the pandemic treating your eyebrows? Eyebrows shape our face. They are detrimental in pulling our look together. That is so many of us do our eyebrows before stepping out even if we aren't applying any make-up. It is one element of our look we aren't lazy about grooming. As soon as our the hair starts to grow, we are sitting in our parlour getting our brows to the perfect shape. Thanks to the pandemic, that seems like a distant memory now.

With the lockdown and the fear of the spread of the virus, our frequent parlour visits have taken a toll. And now that we have ignored the brow issue as much as we can, it is time to take matters in our own hands. We have got to do something to feel human again and grooming your own brows seems like the best of ideas. Or does it really?

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If you want to do your own brows and not want it to end up in a disaster(where you have overdone it!), it only seems fair to have a few tips up your sleeves. That is exactly what we are going to do today.

Read on as we share three amazing tips to maintain your brows at home like a pro.


1. Pull It Out, But With The Right Tweezer

For the novice in eyebrow grooming, which I'm sure we all are, a pair of tweezers is god-sent. But, it is very easy to go onboard with tweezing the brows. And with the wrong pair of tweezers, the process can be a little painful.

Use slant tip tweezer to pluck your eyebrow hair out. These give you a firm grip and visibility to make it less painful and know exactly how things are going. Also, after tweezing every couple of hair, check your brows to make sure you are not overdoing it. The aim is to just to get rif of the extras.

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2. Get A Spoolie

Your brows can look completely different once you brush a spoolie through it. It is the perfect way to tame your brows without plucking or removing anything. Just get a spoolie, brush it through your brows starting from the front of the brows. Move in gentle small strokes and try to carve out a shape. Now, if you want, fill in any gaps with the brow pencil and you have tamed and defines brows.


3. Master Chopping Off the Fronts

Remember the parlour lady would off the excess hair at the front of your brows? Yeah, that makes a whole lot of a difference to your appearance. The unwanted long hair at the beginning of your brows can make it look messy, even if it really isn't. After you have plucked the excess hair, the brows might be curved and sharp. But, it won't feel groomed with the hair at the beginning creating a mess.

So, use a spoolie to brush your brows upwards at the beginning, and chop off the excess length with a pair of scissors. But, take it slow. You do not need to chop a ton of length. Just snip it a little and you are done.

And that ladies is how you maintain your brows through a pandemic. With brows, it is baby steps always. Whenever you are dealing it your brows, start slow. You do not want to go overboard and ruin it. Who knows, maybe you won't even need to visit the parlour for grooming your brows anymore. Just kidding!

Story first published: Saturday, September 12, 2020, 14:46 [IST]
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