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8 Quick Hacks For Foundation That Is Too Dark For You

Finding the perfect shade of foundation feels like a huge achievement. The foundation that blends in completely with your natural skin tone does make the process of make-up application smooth and stress-free. But, we aren't as lucky most of the time. Whether it is because you have got the wrong shade mistakenly or that stubborn tan has finally faded, a foundation that is too dark can be a real bummer. Especially if you have got your favourite brand!

Now, you must be wondering if there is any way to fix this mistake and to make the foundation work. Luckily, for you there are plenty! So, just relax and read on to know the 8 amazing quick fixes for a foundation that is too dark for you.


1. Using A Wet Sponge For Application

If you have been using a foundation brush or your fingers to apply the foundation, you need to change your tools. For a foundation that is too dark, use a wet sponge for the application A brush or your fingers do spread the product but they don't do anything about the intercity of it.

A wet sponge while spreading the product also absorbs quite a bit of it and thus helps to tone down the shade of your foundation. Remember, to just lightly dampen the sponge. Do not get it soaking wet. Use gentle dabbing motions to apply the foundation and you are set to go.


2. Mix It With Some Moisturiser

A girl never starts the day without solid moisturisation. And if you do, you musn't. Your skin loves some good moisturisation. You can use the same moisturiser to solve your foundation problem.

Take the same amount of foundation you use normally on the back of your hands. Add a couple of blobs of moisturiser to the foundation and mix well.

The moisturiser will lighten the foundation quite a bit and you have a hydrating foundation that is the perfect shade for you.

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3. Mix A Lighter Foundation With It

This quick-fix can fix two of your problems. Just like you have a darker shade, if you have a lighter shade of foundation, you can mix both of these and get your perfect shade. Simple, right?

Take the darker foundation on the back of your hand and mix a couple of blobs of the lighter foundation to it. You can add a few more drops of the lighter shade if you feel the foundation is still dark for your natural skin tone. When you get a shade you are happy with, use a wet sponge to apply it on your face and neck.


4. Concealer To The Rescue

You might have used concealer a thousand times to hide those nasty pimple marks, blemishes, or any spots you want to conceal. It's a miracle product! And it seems, the concealer can fix your darker foundation for you as well.

As concealer is used to hide and highlight the face, it is usually a shade lighter than your skin tone. So, you can either mix the concealer with your foundation or apply it to the high points of your face and blend it nicely to make the foundation work.


5. Use The Setting Powder To Fix Things

You must have a setting powder to set your make-up in place. The setting powder is usually a shade lighter as it perfectly highlights and sets the face. Well, if you have a setting powder at your disposal, don't let the darker shade of foundation worry you.

After you have applied your foundation and all the cream products you wanted to, apply the lighter setting powder all over your face and your foundation will be fixed. But, make sure the powder you use is lighter than your skin tone or it would end up making things worse.


6. Use It As A Contour

Who loves all the wonderful things contouring can do for our angles? We do! Well, if you are running out of your contour, you can easily use the darker foundation as your contour. This will ensure that your foundation doesn't need fixing and that you use the foundation efficiently.

As you use the darker foundation as your contour, keep in mind the consistency of a regular contour and foundation is different. So, start slow and focus on blending. And if you have never contoured, this might be the perfect opportunity for you to try and fall in love with contouring.


7. Or As A Bronzer

Another thing you can use your darker foundation as is bronzer. If you aren't too comfortable contouring the face and love a good cream bronzer, you have the perfect way to use your darker foundation.

This works best of the foundation is a matte finish. All you need to do is dot the foundation on your cheeks and forehead and use a beauty blender to blend it away and add the beautiful tanned look to your face.


8. Save It For The Summer Season

Your foundation can certainly survive a few seasons. Summer is the beautiful season of sunlight, beaches, and getting tanned. As it so happens, when you get tanned during summers, your regular foundation shade would be too light for you. This is the time when the darker shade of foundation comes in handy.

So, keep it safe in your closet and come summer season let the darker foundation shine. You would be grateful for your mistake then.

Story first published: Sunday, August 9, 2020, 8:30 [IST]
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