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Teachers’ Day 2019: Here Are A Few Simple And Effective Make-up Tips For Teachers

Being a teacher isn't the easiest job there is. You have to be a role model for your students and maintain a certain poise while you are at it. You have quite a busy schedule and that means in you sometimes forgot to pamper yourself. Make-up might not be the most important thing that is in your mind but it still is a significant one. It adds an element of charisma to your personality.

But, as a teacher, there are many things that need to be kept in mind while you are doing your make-up. For instance, you can not go for very bright and bold colours or those over the top Instagram make-up looks. So, to make your life a little simpler and save your precious time, here are a few simple and effective tips that will help you get ready to roll without much fuss. Check these out!

1. Keep Your Base Light

A heavy foundation that is evident on your face isn't the one for teachers. You need something light, simple and that blends right into your skin. Basically, you need something that provides an even tone to our skin. You can instead go for a tinted moisturiser or a BB/CC cream. These are light and get the work done perfectly well.

Also, make sure to choose one that will last you the whole day and you don't have to worry about a touch-up.

2. Spot conceal

It is not the best idea to go full time with a concealer. It might make you look extra and cakey. But, we understand that there are spots or blemishes that you would want to hide. To do that you can use the very effective technique of spot concealing. Just dot some concealer on the spots and blemishes that you want to hide and blend it to perfection.

3. Choose a Neutral Eyeshadow

You shouldn't look extravagant as a teacher. So, you have to mind the colours that you use for your eyeshadow. The best bet would be to use a neutral eyeshadow, one that is close to your skin type. This will add to your look while not being very evident.

4. Apply A Thin Eyeliner

A winged or cat eyeliner isn't the best idea. Stick with a thin eyeliner that traces your upper lash line. Liquid eyeliner will work best if you want to create a thin and crisp eyeliner.

5. Tightline Your Eyes

Tightlining the eyes can make a lot of difference to your eye look. It is an efficient tool to do a minimalist make-up look that is appropriate for school. So, if you don't have time or the patience to line your eyes, just tightlining the eyes will do the trick.

6. Fill In Your Brows Moderately

Filled-in brows change your entire look. Even if you are not doing the make-up routine, filling-in your eyebrows and putting on lipstick would be enough. But make sure that you do it moderately with a light hand to get a natural look that is perfect for school.

7. Do Not Go Overboard With The Blush

Blush is not a step that is mandatory or that many of you might do, but if you are someone who loves applying it you might want to hold back a little. Heavily blushed cheeks aren't what is appropriate for a teacher. You just need a tint of colour on your cheeks. Go with a light hand for that soft and flushed look.

8. Go For Subtle And Matte Lips

Do not go for bright and bold colours for your lip shade. Choose subtle, neutral and nude colours that give you a professional and elegant look. Also, stick with matte and semi-matte lipstick and avoid using glossy lipstick.

And we're done! These were some of the best make-up tips for the teachers out there that will give you a classic and elegant professional look. Hope this helps you. Again, Happy Teacher's Day to all the amazing teachers out there!

Story first published: Thursday, September 5, 2019, 12:22 [IST]
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