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10 Lip Liners Hacks For Luscious And Plump Lips

Lip liner is one of the most underrated make-up products ever. Quite popular in the '90s, lip liners seem to have lost their way over the years. But, not for the ardent make-up lovers. All the make-up artists in the world will swear by the importance of lip liners. But, as don't ponder about them much, we don't also know how to make the best use of our lip liners.

Lip liners can make your lips plump, luscious and also help your lipstick last the entire day without fading or getting patchy. What did that tell you? Lip liners are the saviours you need. And to make the best out of your lip liners, we have listed for you 10 amazing lip liner hacks that you need to try ASAP.

Prep Is Primary

Lining the lips is not the first step. You need to prep your lips first. Use a moisturising lip balm a few minutes before you start applying the lip liner. This not only makes your lips soft but also helps the liner to glide on smoothly.

Start With A Nude Shade

If you are new to lip liners, start with a nude shade that matches the natural colour of your lips. This gives you a room to play with and understand the best way to apply it. Additionally, you must also know that lip liner is not always used to stand out. Most of the times, we use lip liners to blend in and give you fuller-looking plump lips. And a nude shade works the best to achieve that.

Use Small Precise Strokes

If you are not very comfortable with using the lip liner, this trick is your saviour. No matter how many times you try, you just can't seem to get that the straight line. Well, don't try to do it in one single stroke. Use multiple small and precise strokes to get that precise and crisp line.

Uber-Sharp Pencils Are Not Ideal

When lining the lips, we try to get the lip liner pencils as sharp as possible. You might think that it will give you the perfect line you need, but that is not the case. A uber-sharp pencil will only end up making the look unnatural. What you need is a little blunt pencil, rounded at the edges that can give you a soft, more natural-looking finish.

Draw An 'X' To Begin With

Your cupid's bow plays a major role in giving you the plumper-looking lips. To get that perfect shape that features a prominent dip in the upper lip, start applying your lip liner by drawing 'X' on your cupid's bow. From the peaks of your upper lip, draw to diagonal lines that intersect each to form an 'X'. Now proceed with lining the rest of your lips.

The Angle You Hold The Pencil At Matters

You may not pay much attention to the angle you are holding your lip liner at (I mean, who would!), but trust me it matters. To get that fine and flawless line, hold the lip liner at 45-degree angle. You don' t need to put much pressure. Just softly tracing our lips with the pencil is enough.

Tilt Your Head A Little For That Crisp Line

A messy-looking lip liner does no good for you. Do not move your head around too much while applying the liner. If your hands are shaking take it slow. When lining your lips, you must strive to get a straight and even line that defines the shape of your lips seamlessly. To achieve this, tilt your head back at an angle that is comfortable for you to see the lips and allows easy hand movement.

Fill-In For That Luscious Look

If you think your lip liner is used to line your lips, think again. A great trick is to fill in your lips using the lip liner. It provides a grip to your lips and helps the lipstick to stay on for long. This is also an amazing trick for when you have a lipstick with sheer coverage. It also helps prevent any patchiness throughout the day.

Warm Up The Liner

For a smooth application, you need a lip liner with a creamy texture. If your lip liner is too dry, the application is difficult and you don't get the fine-lined lips. Your lip liner might end up looking messy. A simple trick to prevent that is to warm up the liner. To do that, roll the lip liner between the palms of your hands for a few minutes before you start applying it.

When To Outline Or Underline

Lip liner not only gives you a precise lipstick application, but it is also helpful in giving your lips the desired appearance. To do that you need a nude lipstick that will, in essence, contour your lips. If you need a fuller appearance, overline your lips a bit. Don't go too dramatic or it'll end up looking fake. To get smaller lips, underline your lips especially at the corners, fill them in and finish it off with lipstick.