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Here’s What You Can Do To Prevent Thinning Eyelashes

Your once long and thick eyelashes now dropping and giving gravity a run for its money? Or is it your thin eyelashes becoming worse? Eyelashes- thick and fluttery eyelashes- are an instant boost to your look. But, your thinning eyelashes leave you giving a hard envious stare to anyone with beautiful lashes. If you are done with instant solutions like a volumising mascara, eyelash extensions and fake eyelashes, you know these are not the answer to your problem. To sprinkle life back to your lashes, you need to evaluate the root of the problem.

So, before you try out any other remedy to revive your lashes, you need to know the exact reason behind your thinning lashes. We've listed for you all the possible reasons for your thinning lashes and how to prevent it. Go on, give it a read.


Stop Rubbing The Eyes

Rubbing the eyes vigourously is something we all guilty of. How many times have our elders told us to back off? Yeah, that's right! That is a great piece of advice. Rubbing the eyes vigourously tugs on the lashes causing to fall. As our lashes take time to grow back, this eventually leads to thinning lashes. Not only that, as the area under your eyes is quite sensitive, constant rubbing can lead to premature wrinkles and fine lines.

So, if you are doing this, you need to stop ASAP.

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Give Your Lashes A Break From Mascara

With our lashes naturally thin and dull, we depend on the waterproof and volumising mascara to do the heavy lifting aka shoot up our lashes to the roof. But, is that really doing anything for your lashes? Nope. The mascara we use not only contain chemicals but the rubbing done while trying to get it off also harms your lashes. If you have noticed your lashes thinning, take a break from the mascara for a while.


Use A Make-up Remover Meant For Eyes

In the rush of getting the make-up off your face, we use whatever comes on our hands- whether it is a harsh make-up remover or plain soap and water. Avoid doing that. These are harsh on the eyes and often don't do a good job of removing the make-up. To keep your lashes strong and beautiful, use a make-up remover that is meant for your eyes. It is gentle on the skin and takes lesser time to get the stubborn eye make-up off your eyes.

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Change Your Bad Make-up Habits

Bad make-up habits are one of the major reasons for your thinning eyelashes. Make-up is not exactly nourishing for your lashes and certain careless habits can do long-lasting damage. First things first, get a good quality mascara. The cheap mascara that creates lumps on your lashes not only puts your lashes but your eyes also at risk. Another bad make-up habits of ours is to sleep with the make-up on. Leaving the make-up on the lashes for such a long duration put a strain on the roots and weakens it leading to thinning. Avoid rubbing or pinching your lashes while you have mascara on. Your lashes are vulnerable and prone to breakage with mascara on.

And the last thing, do not use expired products on your lashes. Change your mascara after every 3 months to keep your lashes thick and strong.


Improve Your Diet To Beat The Lash Loss

Lack of essential vitamins and minerals in your diet can also be the reason for your thinning eyelashes. With age the ability of our body to promote hair growth reduces. As such, a well-balanced diet is of utmost importance to keep us in good health and appearance. Make sure to include foods rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals to beat the lash loss.

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Consult A Doctor

The issue of thinning lashes, in some cases, can be because of certain medical conditions. Medical conditions such as hypotrichosis and pink eye can cause thinning of lashes.[1] It is best to consult a doctor in such cases. So, if you have been facing an aggressive case of thinning lashes, we suggest you take the help of a professional.

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