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How To Get Taylor Swift's Striking Red Lips In 4 Easy Steps

Red is Taylor Swift's colour, imo, and it's been that way since her wildly successful album, Red, dropped - she's practically defined by her signature red lip. It does not matter whether she is singing her heartbreak anthems, posing on the red carpet or flipping her hair back and forth; her lipstick remains in place - all striking and in full glory!

Swift's matte red lipstick is her beauty signature, and she rocks it all the time, mostly because of its high-definition precision. But, it's all about how you apply and maintain it.

Here's how you can get it, too.

How To Get Taylor Swift's Striking Red Lips

Here's a tip: Know your undertone first. Just like your skin, every lipstick has an undertone. First, choose red with yellow or orange undertones if you're warmer-toned. If you're cooler-toned, look for reds with blue undertones. Secondly, make sure you pick a matte lipstick if you want it to last all night. Matte lipsticks last longer than cream or shine lipsticks.

Ooh, just in case you didn't know what your undertone is, here's how you can check:

Blue veins mean you have cool-toned skin with pink undertones. If your veins are green, you have warm-toned skin with yellow undertones. You're lucky that your veins are blue and green - you've got neutral undertones, so almost any lipstick will look good on you.

First things first: Moisturise and exfoliate

If your lips are already dry or cracked, don't wear matte lipstick-it'll accentuate flakiness and rough texture and make it worse. Instead, to keep lips supple, start by sloughing off dead skin with a lip scrub, then finish with a nourishing balm.

The second thing: Apply a reverse lipliner

Using a reverse lip liner in a flesh-coloured shade will give you lip definition as sharp as Taylor's. As an invisible barrier, it prevents feathering and colour migration (when your lipstick spreads out of the lip line). Plus, it makes your lips look fuller.

The third thing: Get a lip brush

Lip brushes are better for ultra-precise application than tubes of lipstick. Using a clean brush, draw the outer lip line and get the corners and cupid's bow. You can then fill in the middle with it. Be sure to get all the nooks and crannies. You can add a tiny shine by dabbing clear gloss or Vaseline in the middle, then blotting outward.

Now, the last step: Don't forget to reapply

There's no denying that matte lipstick is a high-maintenance look. Reapply lipstick with the lip brush after drinking a cocktail, eating, or licking your lips.

[image source: Instagram]
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