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How To Use Make-up To Fake A Nose Job

There might have been instances when you look at a picture of yours and wish your nose was a little bit more sharp or narrow. If your nose makes you conscious and you wish to tweak it a little an expensive surgery that permanently alters your face isn't the only option you have. Make-up can make that happen quite efficiently.

The world of make-up is fascinating. It is almost like creating magic. With the help of make-up, you can create the version of yourself that you like the best. And that is the beauty of make-up. Today we are here to show you how to shape your nose using make-up to make it look thinner, sharp and pointed.

The make-up technique that we are going to use today is contouring. Contouring and its benefits have gained a lot of recognition in the last decade. People have begun to appreciate the difference contouring the face can make to the look. Not only your nose, but make-up can also help sharpen your cheekbones and jawline to make your face more sculpted. But, that is a topic for another time. Let's focus on the nose for now.

So, here is how you can contour your nose perfectly to fake a nose job.

How To Contour The Nose

1. Apply the base

If you want to go for the full glam look, before you begin to contour your nose apply your base. And by base, we mean to apply the foundation, concealer and set your concealer using the setting powder.

2. Take the contour on the brush

Next, take either the powder contour or cream contour on a small contour brush. If you are using a powder contour, make sure to tap off the excess and if it is cream contour you are going for, don't take an excessive amount of it. Start with a light hand and less intensity.

3. Apply the contour on your nose

Next, apply the contour on your nose. For that, draw two parallel lines tracing along the bridge of your nose from the starting of your eyebrows till the tip of your nose.
You don't have to follow the natural shape of your nose. Join both the ends of the contour at the tip of your nose to make it look narrower and pointed.

4. Blend, blend and blend

Now that you have applied the contour, using the same brush blend it well. Use light back and forth to blend it in. Take your time blending the contour and to make it look natural. Remember, blending is the key to a natural look.

5. Highlight the nose

The last step is to apply some highlight the tip and bridge of your nose. Highlighting the face will make the shadow created by contour more prominent to make the nose look sharp.

Tips To Remember

  • Use a powder contour if you are a beginner. But, if you have extremely dry skin, go for the cream contour.
  • Take your time blending in the contour. The more you blend the perfect the contour will be.
  • Choose your brush wisely. A wrong brush can destroy the whole look.
  • Do not draw the lines too far apart or you can end up making your nose wider.
  • If you have any bump on your nose, apply the contour over it.
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