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How To Choose The Right Shade Of Concealer

Concealer is an important and vital part of a make-up look. No make-up look is complete without the powerful backing of a concealer. It gives the make-up a flawless finish and saves us the trouble of worrying about those nasty dark circles or the blemishes that may dampen our confidence.

Concealers have so long been used by professional make-up artists. But with the boom in the make-up industry, it has now reached the common folks like us and amazed us with what all it can be used for. We are excited to try it. However, after our purchase, many of us are disappointed mainly because we got the wrong shade of the product.

So, today, we go back to the basics and see how a concealer works and how to pick the right shade of your concealer.

What Is A Concealer Used For?

As the name suggests, a concealer is used to conceal all that you want to. It is kind of a make-up eraser for your face. Mainly used to hide dark circles, a concealer can also also be used to hide age spots, pimple marks, blemishes and male your face look flawless. It has a thicker consistency than a foundation and requires precise application with great blending skills.

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How To Pick The Right Shade Of Concealer?

Concealer is an instant solution for you. But for it to work smoothly, it is important that you get the right shade of concealer. Let us now see how to pick the right shade of concealer.

How to pick the right shade of concealer for the under-eye area

When you apply the concealer under your eyes, you are servicing two purposes. First, to hide your dark circles. Second, to highlight the under-eye area. For both of these, you need a concealer a shade or two lighter than your skin tone.

To check the shade, apply the concealer on your cheekbones and pick the one lighter than your natural skin shade.

How to pick the right shade of concealer for blemishes

Another important use of concealer is on the face to hide any spots and blemishes. For this you need a shade of concealer that matches exactly with your skin tone.

To check the shade, apply the concealer on any spot on your face. Choose the concealer that hides the spot in the most natural way.

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How to pick the right shade of concealer to hide the veins

Lastly, you can hide those blue and purple veins under your eyes and on your eyelids quite effectively using a concealer in the right shade.

To check the shade, apply the concealer on the veins inside of your wrists. Pick the shade that covers the veins completely.

How To Apply Concealer

No matter the type of concealer you use, the method of application is the same. While most people apply the concealer after the foundation, there are many who apply it before the foundation. It really is a personal choice. You can apply the concealer as per your preference. However, for those who use power foundation, applying the concealer before the foundation is the best choice. A liquid on top of powder never really works. Now, let's see how to apply the concealer.

  • Prime and moisturise your face.
  • Apply the foundation, if that is your preference.
  • For the under-eye area, apply the concealer under your eyes in an inverter-triangle shape.
  • Use a damp beauty blender or a concealer brush to blend it in.
  • For the spots and blemishes, spot concealer the areas and blend well.
  • The next step is to set the concealer. If not set, the concealer can crack after a few hours. So, after you blend the concealer, set it using the setting powder and you are done!

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