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How To Choose The Right Foundation Shade

Choosing a foundation shade that mimics your exact skin tone can be challenging. Yes, the struggle is real, peeps! Foundation makes the base of your look. That means if you get it right, you instantly guarantee a flawless and superb look and if you did not get it right, things start to go downhill really quickly.

Getting the perfect foundation shade means that when you look in the mirror or when you step out in the natural sunlight, your skin looks natural and you aren't able to particularly distinguish that you have applied a product on your skin. The point of applying foundation is giving you the best skin ever! But, getting the right foundation shade isn't as easy a task.

With all the texture, finishes and shade options, choosing the right foundation shade becomes even more tricky. Thankfully, help is here!

We have the perfect process for you to choose the right foundation shade. Let's go!

Ask Yourself These Questions First

First things first! Before we move on to see how to find the right foundation shade, you need to have a certain clarity about the kind of foundation that you want. So, as you start the journey of finding the right foundation shade for you, ask yourself these questions first.


What is your skin type

To find the right foundation for or any skin product for that matter, you need to know what exactly is your skin type. This is essential as no matter how good of a product you buy, if it isn't suitable for your skin type, it is of no use to you.

Also, the products for oily skin, dry skin and sensitive skin are on a completely different spectrum. Knowing your skin type will also considerably limit the length of your search for the perfect foundation and make your task easier.

If you don't already know your skin type or your skin has changed for some reason, consult a skin specialist and find out your exact skin type.


What finish you want

After you have figured out your skin type, the next thing you need to ask yourself is what finish do you want!

There are 5 different types of finishes in foundation.

  • Matte
  • Dewy
  • Semi-matte
  • Velvet
  • Luminous
  • What finish your foundation is depends on your skin type to a large extent but you would also find various finishes for a particular skin type. Figure out which kind of look you like and move from there.

    The most popular finishes are matte and dewy. The matte finish tones down the shine of your face and keep things extremely natural while the dewy finish makes your skin look radiant, glow and shiny. You wouldn't be able to carry the no-makeup look with a dewy foundation.

    The luminous foundation has gained a lot of hype in the last few years as it makes your skin look lit-from-within, if applied flawlessly. With the luminous foundation, you don't need much of highlighter. Velvet and semi-matte falls somewhere in between matte and dewy foundation.


What coverage you want

The next question is about the coverage your want. That is how transparent or glam you want your foundation to be. This is extremely important as the coverage can be a deal-maker or breaker for you.

There are three different types of coverage that your foundation can offer.

  • Full
  • Sheer
  • Medium
  • Most women go for the medium coverage. Medium coverage allows you to hide the marks or blemishes while also keeping things natural. A full-coverage foundation will cover the natural texture of your skin and transform it completely. Unfortunately, it isn't a very natural look and so you probably won't be comfortable wearing it on regular basis. Sheer converge is ideal for those who doesn't have much to conceal but still want an even tone.


How long should it last

The last thing you should ask yourself is how long you want your foundation to last. This totally depends on for what purpose you are buying the foundation. If you are getting a foundation for everyday use, you probably need one that would last at least 5-6 hours.

On the other hand, if you want a foundation for special occasions and events, the one that can last up to 2-3 hours will also do for you. If you fall into the latter category, good for you. There are many amazing foundations out there with only a single drawback- they don't last long.

So, before you finalize your foundation, keep its duration in mind as well.

How To Choose The Right Foundation Shade

After you have decided exactly what kind of foundation are you looking for, now we come to the most important step- the right shade of the foundation.


In the stores

It is best to visit the store to buy your foundation. This reduces the chances of messing up a lot. The biggest mistake we do while choosing the foundation is to test the shade against our wrists. If you notice, the colour of your skin on the wrists and the face doesn't exactly match. So, by testing the foundation against your wrists, you are already going for the wrong foundation shade.

You must check the foundation shade on your neck and jawline. Take the foundation you want to check the shade of and drag it from your jawline down to your neck. If the foundation blends into your skin it is the right shade for you. But if you can see the line drawn on the skin evidently, that is the wrong shade for you.



With everything available online today, and with some heavy discounts, many of us prefer to shop online. But, that only increases the chances of getting the wrong shade. The best way to get your perfect foundation shade online is to compare it with a foundation that you already have the perfect shade for.

You can search online what shade of a foundation is similar to the shade of a certain foundation you already have. In most cases, you will get the shade you should for.

What If You Mess Up?

Even after all the precautions, what if you get the wrong foundation? Well, if you follow all the steps mentioned, there are very few chances of you messing up. If you still do mess up, with a few tips you can make your foundation work. So, keep calm and go for it!

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