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How To Choose The Right Foundation For Oily Skin

Oily skin is without a doubt the most difficult skin type to manage. With oily skin, you need to be extra careful if you do not want to be a shiny mess at the end of the day or face frequent breakouts. And choosing the right foundation for oily skin can be twice as difficult as compared to other skin types.

The right foundation gives you the flawless look and makes the whole process of make-up easy. The products sit on top of it better and the finished look is much much better. Choosing the right foundation for oily skin is also important as it is prone to acne and breakouts. The wrong foundation can easily irritate the skin and flare up your breakouts, inviting whole new array of skin issues.

With that being said, we are here to make your life easier. Scroll down to know the best tips for choosing the right foundation for oily skin.


The Formula

For oily skin, the best foundation is either powder foundation or water-based liquid foundation. Oily skin happens when the oil-producing glands in the skin produce excess oil, leaving your skin greasy and vulnerable. Powder foundation helps to absorb the oil, keeping the greasiness in check, and leave you with a smooth finish. While liquid foundation gives a great finish, they are often oil-based. If you are comfortable with liquid foundation, go for a oil-free water-based formula. It is light on the skin and doesn't add to the excess oil on your skin.


The Finish

Before you go on and buy a foundation, decide the finish you want to go for. If you are newbie at make-up, you might be confused what a finish is. Well, simply put, it is how glossy or matte the foundation looks on your face.

We suggest you don't take the dewy finish route. Dewy finish foundation will only add to the unwanted shine, making your skin look more greasy. The best finish for an oily skin is either matte or semi-matte. These finishes give you a more natural look.


Get A Shade That Matches Your Skin Tone

Getting the shade right is also important to get the right foundation. The right shade blends seamlessly into your skin, making it look natural. Often with the wrong foundation shade, our skin ends up looking cracked or ashy. So, even if you have got the right formula and finish, the end result will look bad.

Test the foundation on your jawline and neck. If the foundation blends with your skin and you aren't able to distinguish it, you have the right foundation shade for your skin. If finding your exact skin shade has always been a struggle for you, mix lighter and darker foundation shades to get your customised skin shade.


Consider The Undertone

If you know the undertone of your skin, getting the shade right isn't such a task. If you look at your skin closely, it can either appear golden or rosy. If it appears golden, you are warm-toned and cool-toned if it appears rosy or pink.

Another way you can determine your undertone is through the colour your veins. If your veins appear green, your are warm toned and if they appear bluish or purple, you are cool-toned.

The wrong undertone can make you look ashy and worn-out, especially of you have oily skin. So, be sure of your undertone before you buy the foundation. Trust us, even the best of foundations with the wrong undertone won't do any good to you.


Test It Before You Get It

Our last and perhaps the most important tip for you is to test the foundation before making the purchase. And not just the shade but also how the foundation sits on your skin. There are many brands today that offer testers for you to test the foundation. You can also go to the store and see how you like the foundation on your skin. Let the foundation sit on your skin for a good 4-5 hours before you make your final decision.

Story first published: Wednesday, August 26, 2020, 13:51 [IST]
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