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10 Eye Make-up Tips For Contact Lens Users

Contact lenses are a great alternative for glasses. They make our lives so much easier. Today we know many women who have switched to contact lenses. While contact lenses make the work so much easier, there are certain precautions that you need to take when you wear them. This becomes especially important for the ones who wear make-up on a regular basis. The reason is that you can easily make the lenses dirty and irritate your eyes by doing your make-up the wrong way. So, here are the important eye make-up tips for all the contact lens wearers.


1. Wash Your Hands

When dealing with contact lenses, make sure that your hands are squeaky clean. If you do not clean your hands properly, the tiny dust particles and the oils from your hands can transfer to your lenses, make it dirty and can irritate your eyes. So, before you start with the make-up use hand wash to clean your hands.


2. Put On The Lenses Before Anything Else

The first step to your make-up process is to put on your lenses. This saves you a lot of trouble. Many of us make the mistake of putting on lenses at the very end. This not only can destroy your make-up but also irritate your eyes.


3. Opt For Oil-Free Products

Use oil-free eye make-up products. The oils in the products can transfer into your eyes and make it your lenses foggy and thus difficult for you to see clearly.


4. Do Not Place The Products In The Waterline

The waterline of your eyes is closest to your lenses. Be very careful while putting the product in your waterline. Better still is to keep the waterline bare and apply the product in your lash line. Applying the product in your waterline will make your eyes dry and your lenses dirty. So, better to give tightlining a break.


5. Do Not Push The Brush Harshly On The Lids

While applying the eyeshadow we sometimes do not realise how harsh we are being. We go in with a hard hand and end up putting the pressure on the eyeball that is not exactly ideal for the contact lens wearers. So, be gentle with your brushes. Hold the brushes at the ends for minimum pressure.


6. Choose Cream Eyeshadows

If you wear contact lenses, cream eyeshadows are your best bet. The usual powder eyeshadow generally has some kick-off in the pan and on the lids that can get into your eyes and cause irritation. So, for those lens wearing beauties, switch to cream eyeshadows.


7. Use Water-Proof Mascara

If you keep the waterline bare, your mascara is the closest to your lenses. A clumpy mascara won't do in such cases. The clumps from the mascara can get into the eyes and make it uncomfortable for you. So, get a good quality volumising mascara that won't clump on you.


8. Tap Off The Excess Face Powder

If you are a heavy make-up user, concealers are common in your routine. And after concealer, you use setting powder to set it. Go light with the powder. When you set your concealer using the setting powder, if you go heavy the powder may get into your eyes. So, after you pick up the powder on your brush or blender, tap it off to get rid of the excess powder.


9. Clean Your Lenses Daily

If you are a regular contact lens wearer, you might be aware that even one part of dust can make things uncomfortable. When you wear make-up, there are high chances of some product going into your eyes. So, at the end of the end and before you wear the lenses, make sure that you clean it (the lenses) thoroughly.


10. Remove The Eye Make-up Thoroughly

At the end of the day, most of us get lazy and sleep with our make-up on or don't do the job thoroughly. But, when you are a contact lens wearer, you've got to take this task seriously. Any residue left on your eyes can cause discomfort. Be patient and remove your eye make-up thoroughly.

Story first published: Friday, March 13, 2020, 16:23 [IST]
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