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Your Guide To The Everyday No Foundation Make-up Look

Make-up in its truest form has not yet found the hold to be worn every day. We reserve all the make-up jazz, especially foundation for some special occasions. Whether you are a make-up lover or a beginner, a full-face of makeup is rarely the look we go for before stepping out of the house. Putting on a layer of foundation and concealer seems to make them look fake and unnatural. But that doesn't mean that we need to remain bare face. You can still glam up without a layer of foundation on your face. How do you do it though?

Well, for starters, taking proper care of your skin helps. Keeping your foundation-free face flawless is an everyday job. Skipping the foundation makes the make-up lighter, more natural and saves you the hustle of constant touching up. Today, we teach you how to do the no foundation make-up look that you can rock every day.


Cleanse Every Day And Exfoliate Somedays

The key to a flawless make-up look is flawless skin. And for that, you need to take proper care of your skin. Cleansing your skin every day is the first step towards your skincare. Every morning before you start your make-up, use a gentle cleanser to wash your face. To aid to the work of cleanser, twice a week exfoliate your skin. Use upward circular motions exfoliate the skin for 3-5 minutes before rinsing your face. Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells and build-up grime from your skin pores and makes your skin soft and smooth.


Go Hard With The Moisturiser

Now that you are skipping the foundation, your moisturiser is going to work as your base. Apply a generous amount of moisturiser on your face. It makes your skin dewy and adds a natural glow to your face.


Conceal, If Needed

If you want to keep the make-up light, skip the concealer. But then again your dark circles might be an issue. If you have dark circles or any spots on the face, use a concealer to hide them. Use a damp beauty blender to blend the concealer. And do not forget to set the concealer immediately with setting powder.

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Do Your Brows

Brows are one of the most important factors in deciding how your look turns out. The make-up looks incomplete without the brows. That does not mean that you need a full face of make-up to do your brows. Brows frame your face and give it some definition. Be careful while choosing the colour of your brow pencil, however. Opt for a brown brow pencil that matches the colour of natural eyebrows. A dark black pencil often makes your brows look unnatural.


Lift Up Your Lashes

Eyes are the area of your face that grabs the most attention. To get a great make-up look, however basic, you need to do your eyes. For the no foundation make-up look, all you need to do is focus on your lashes to make the look flattering. Curl your lashes and put on ample coats of mascara. This is enough to make your eyes stand out and complete the look.


Highlight, Oh Yes You Can!

If you haven't tapped into the magic that a highlighter is, we urge you to do so. Highlighter adds the glam your no foundation make-up needs. And it is a misconception that you can only put the highlighter over a heavy base make-up. Highlighter on a bare face looks just as amazing. Take some highlighter on your fingertips and gently tap it on the high points of your face. With the light hitting your face, you are sure to bring out a few gasps.

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Seal The Deal With Lipstick

Putting on lipstick of your preferred shade is the last step of your look. It pops up your lips and brings the whole look together. With a few swipes of the lipstick, your no foundation make-up look is complete.

Story first published: Thursday, April 23, 2020, 14:28 [IST]
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