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6 Essential Make-up Tips Every Girl With Oily Skin Should Know

The issues of oily skin are many. Taking all measures for your make-up for stay put is one of them. Shiny face, melting make-up, smudged eyeliner and patchy base are common when you have oily skin. It does make creating your favourite look difficult.

But, all is not lost! Every problem has a solution, and your oily skin has one too. With some simple make-up tips, you can beat the oily skin and ensure that your make-up looks fresh and stunning all day long. Today, we are sharing with you six such essential tips that every girl with oily skin must know. Check these out!


1. Primer Is A Must

We understand that this is adding an extra step into your make-up routine, but if it can make your life easier then why not! Primer covers up your skin pores and helps the make-up to last long, which is what you want with oily skin. So, start your make-up with the primer, always. Dot in on your face and press it into the skin using your fingertips.


2. Look For Long-Wear Foundation

Since your skin is oily, the make-up washes off the skin pretty quickly. So, it is important that you get make-up products that are long-lasting and non-comedogenic. These won't block your pores and will look fresh on your skin the entire day.


3. Less Is More

When dealing with oily skin, follow the rule of ‘less is more'. This holds true for both the amount of product and the number of products. Use less product and blend it well. Also, layering on tons of products is not the best idea for oily skin. Use minimal products.


4. Don’t Overdo The Powder

Using powder to counter the oil produced by the skin seems like the best idea to prevent your make-up from becoming an oily mess. It does work but only if done moderately. Applying excess powder on the skin not only will make the look cakey, but it will also trigger the skin to produce more oil, making the problem worse.


5. Stick To Oil-Free Products

The products you use make a huge difference in how your look turns out and how it will last through the day. Oily skin is very specific and it demands products that cater to its needs. Make sure all the products you buy are oil-free. Go for water-based products. These are the best kind of products for oily skin.


6. Always Carry A Blotting Paper

Blotting paper is a boon for those with oily skin. Oily skin produces oil constantly and just within a few hours, your skin starts to become greasy and shiny. Blotting paper is the smartest solution for this problem. Keep a pack of blotting papers handy. Whenever you feel your skin becoming greasy, just blot it out!

Story first published: Thursday, October 8, 2020, 17:45 [IST]
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