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Common Foundation Mistakes That Wreck Your Entire Look

Yes, foundation can be the most amazing thing to lift your look. It makes things even, hide what you want to and gives you confidence. But, it isn't always so dreamy. You feel me, right? How many times we have completed wrecked our foundation and become frustrated as to why we can't seem to get it right.

The main culprit behind your bad foundation days are a handful of foundation mistakes that quite frankly we all are guilty of making. Make-up is a journey, my friends. And as we begin this journey, we ought to make mistakes. But, it is getting the basics right that makes all the difference in the world, aka your foundation. Still with me?

Read on to know the common foundation mistakes you might be making and how to fix them.


1. You Got The Wrong Shade

Oh boy! Don't pretend you don't know what I am talking about. All the bad make-up days start with a wrong foundation shade. To be honest, it isn't completely our fault. Choosing the right foundation shade can be tricky. It is important that your base shade (almost) matches your skin tone.

To get the perfect foundation shade, test it against your jawline and neck, not at the back of your hand.


2. It Isn’t The Right Formula For Your Skin Type

From being too shiny to extremely patchy, a wrong formulation for your skin type is a recipe for disaster. If you have dry skin and you put on powder foundation, it is bound to look cakey, flaky, patchy- whatever you want to call it. And if you put oil-based foundation on oily skin, it is going to look greasy. So, get to know your skin type and get the buy a foundation that is suits your skin best.


3. You Moved Directly Into It Directly

Many of us think that foundation is the start of the make-up routine and that is the first product to go on your skin. Wrong. For your foundation to look flawless, you need your skin to be prepped. Before applying the foundation, you must moisturise your skin and put on some primer. It create a smooth base for the foundation to sit on and makes it look flawless.


4. You Put On Too Much Foundation

Foundation is great to even your skin tone. It helps to hide your scars, blemishes and whatnot. That doesn't mean you need to put tons and tons of product to get that even tone. Putting on too much foundation looks unnatural and eventually cracks your make-up. Start slow. Put on a little foundation and blend it in. If you feel you need more, layer it on until you are happy with it.

Also, you do not need to put the foundation all over your face. If you naturally have even skin and all you want to do is hide is a couple of blemishes, put the foundation on that specific area. Or you could skip the foundation and just use some concealer. When it comes to make-up always remember- less is more.


5. You Don’t Let The Products To Settle In

Make-up is all about layering on products. You finish with one product and then you top it off with another. You see how easily things can go wrong here. If you keep on layering the make-up without giving each product the time to settle into your skin, it is going to be a hot mess in the end.

Starting from your moisturizer and primer, give a few minutes to each products to get absorbed into the skin before moving onto another.


6. Ignoring Your Neck

Your neck and face are exposed for the most part. If you are applying a foundation on the face and not your neck, the difference in the shade becomes apparent. Well, we ought to say this is one of the fastest ways to ruin your look!

The shade of your neck and face differ. And after you apply make-up, it becomes even more evident. To prevent that, while you are applying make-up, do not forget to take it down your neck and blend.


7. Slapping On Layers Of Foundation

Full coverage foundation can be addictive. Watching all your flaws covered in seconds is pretty great. What is not so great are the layers of fountain your slap on the face to make it full overage. If you put on tons of products, your make-up tends to become cakey. We don't want that now, do we?

Most of our foundations are medium coverage. That means we have to layer it on if we want full-coverage. So, how do we make it work? By taking it slow. Put on a light layer of foundation and build it up slowly. You would get a flawless and more natural look.


8. Using The Wrong Tools

Using your fingers seems so convenient. You don't need any tools. Juts the good old way. But, using hands to blend the foundation leaves streak marks on the face and your make-up ends up looking blotchy. Now you know why make-up tools are so important! To get a flawless look, use a damp blender and blend your foundation in with dabbing motions.


9. You Do Not Set The Make-up

Your base tends to become cakey after sometime unless you set it. You cannot skip setting your make-up for anything. Just a swipe of transparent setting powder with a big fluffy brush will set your make-up in place and prevent it from creasing through the day, leaving you with a seamless look.


10. And You Use Dirty Tools

It isn't just about using the right tools, it is also about using the tools in the right way. Many of us leave our used and dirty brushes lying around until we use them again. The dirt and bacteria our tools collect not only can lead to breakouts but it also hinders flawless foundation application. So, if your foundation isn't sitting right, you might want to clean your brushes and try again.

Story first published: Thursday, August 20, 2020, 16:30 [IST]
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