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MTV VMAs 2019: Cardi B Outshines Everyone With A Golden Copper Make-up And Long Bob Hairstyle

The MTV VMAs 2019 stage did not just confer some amazing music performances, but also with some mind-blowing make-up looks from the celebrities. And Cardi B's make-up look stood out from the rest as she transcended everyone with a golden copper make-up look.

Broadcasted on 26 August, this year's VMAs was a starlit event where various talented artists glorifying the event (just take a look at the nominees and you'll be blown away!) Cardi B, who has a knack for flabbergasting us with some unique and eerie looks, did that again at the VMAs with her rope attire and golden copper make-up look.

Cardi B wore a bronzed golden look and somehow it meshed completely with her red uncanny outfit that was oozing ancient Egyptian vibes to us. She wore a well-bronzed base with her cheekbones, jawline and nose contoured to perfection. Her eye look comprised of a copper base topped off with a metallic golden eyeshadow. Lightly filled-in brows, dramatic pair of false eyelashes, precisely lined eyes and a glossy nude lip rounded off her look. Her riveting super-long nails were painted in a glittery golden colour and matched with her eye look.

She coupled this staggering look with a sleek long bob hairstyle that added on to the ancient Egyptian vibe. With the shoulder-length hair parted at the middle and framing her face perfectly, Cardi B was looking impeccable.

Coming to the awards for the night, Cardi B won her first video music award for the Best Hip hop Video for her song Money and her acceptance speech will leave you stupified (come on, what else did you expect!). She began her speech with gratitude as she said, "Since this is the Video Music Awards and everything, I really want to thank my music video team. First Jora Frantzis, that's the director. She gotta hear outta my mouth, 'I look ugly. Edit my stomach, edit my butt. Smooth my cellulite out." She added further, "And I wanna thank my glam team, Erika, Tokyo. Thank y'all so much. Without y'all, my music videos wouldn't look like this. Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus!"

Well, nobody else but Cardi B could have given us this stunning make-up look and this astounding acceptance speech and we're not complaining! With that, we sign off with the hope that we keep on getting such moments from her. What do you think about her look? Do tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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