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6 Bold Lip Tips For The Bold You

Image: Pinterest

If there is one makeup trick that makes you look nothing less than a 'Boss Babe', it is bold lipstick. The colour? Crimson red, dark mahogany, or vampiric plum; well, the selection of the hue is completely up to you. You just need to coordinate the same with the hairdo, outfit and accessories of your choice.

In case you always felt applying bold lip colour will be somewhat considered an "overly done" face or you simply never went for this fabulous makeup look, ladies, don't fret. Because we got you sorted on the bold lips look!

Here are simple rules and tips for rocking a bold lip that can make you look like a diva:

Image: Pinterest

Bold Lip Tip 1 - Wear It as You Mean It

The whole meaning of wearing a bold lip colour is to make it visible. So, for instance, if you pick the brick red shade lip color, then re-apply the same after the first application. It will only make it look visible and fabulous!

What's more? It will only double up your confidence!

Bold Lip Tip 2 - Learn to Experiment

In case you are wondering, which bold shade will suit me? The simplest way to solve this makeup riddle is to "try" different shades. Get inspired by your favorite celebs who kind of share a similar skin tone to you. You can easily find their various public and personal appearance pics on Instagram.

Try a bold shade that well co-ordinates with your outfit of the day. Do bold red lips with your all-black outfit. Or, try the fuchsia pink lip shade to match the white outfit.

Bold Lip Tip 3 - Outline it First

Yes, with the whole bold lip color, you are going to look like a million bucks but it requires a certain prep too. Because one small smudge and you will transition yourself from looking like a diva to a clown. And we don't want that even as the worst nightmare.

That's why always use a lip liner to define and shape the lips. Choose the one matching your preferred bold shade. Then apply the bold hue lipstick confidently. You can't go wrong with this easy trick!

Bold Lip Tip 4 - Contour the Lips

Lip contouring is easier than you think and it will make you look simply chic in minutes. Just overline with the lipstick to make your lips look fuller. Overline it as per your comfort, but don't get carried away. Remember, the bold lips look should appear effortless and not attention seeking.

Bold Lip Tip 5 - Clean Up the Mistakes

Applying lipstick as a pro takes practice and patience but you will get it in no time. In case you found yourself in a smudgy situation, just tidy it up with a little foundation. Focus on the lip area that needs correction. A tissue paper comes in handy too to wipe off the lipstick application mistakes if any.

Bold Lip Tip 6 - Avoid Feeding Lipstick to Your Teeth

Yes, it is quite common to feed your chosen lipstick shade to your teeth, especially when you wear the lipstick occasionally. To avoid this makeup hazard, place your index finger inside your mouth at the center of your lips (sounds weird? it's actually achievable when you do it) and close your lips. Remove the index finger slowly without smudging your applied lipstick.

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