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Kriti Sanon's Beauty Statement With Colourful Eye Makeup And How To Apply It

Kriti Sanon has impeccably seductive choices when it comes to eye makeup. The actor makes a case for beauty trends as she loves experimenting with bold eyeshadows. From popped-up neons to classic mattes and glossy glitters, Sanon has the astounding ability to make even the most incongruous tints look appealing. On her birthday on July 27, we round up Kriti Sanon's most striking eye makeup looks that are easy to achieve and are a definite hit for your parties. We also help you with tips to apply makeup just like her. Read on!

Gracefully Going Green

Sanon has a thing for choosing unusual colours. Emanating her graceful persona, Sanon's highlight in the look is her green eye shadow. To achieve this look, start with an eyeshadow primer to give a smooth base. Blend it with a sponge blender, and then go for the shade of green that reflects your personality. A flick of eyeliner will add definition to your eyes. Complement the look with nude lips to keep the eyes in focus, and you are good to go.

Blissful Blues But Smokey

Smokey eyes are undoubtedly evergreen. However, when it comes to Sanon, she loves to adorn her personalised renditions of classic trends. To get the smokey blue eyes like Sanon's, created by makeup artist Heema Dattani, start with an eyeshadow base along the crease. Pick a neutral shade like peach or matte light brown to go for the outer corners. Pick the dark blue eyeshadow tint and apply it to your lids using your fingers to give a more polished finish. Accentuate your eyes with a stroke of black kohl, and finish the look with a peachy lipcolour on your lips.

Double Date

Sanon dares to pick unique colours and pair them together to get a look as fabulously beautiful as her. Letting her eyes do all the talking, Sanon resorted to picking a combination of sky blue and hot pink. Get this look by moisturising your eyelids and applying a compact powder. With a medium shading brush, blend a neutral eyeshadow for the base. Carefully apply the sky blue tint on the upper lids and the hot pink shade below your waterline with a sleek brush. Pro tip: Go for the gel ones as they stay longer and do not spill over your face. For the lips, choose a shade of pink like Sanon or any other hue you like.

Vivacious Violets

Exuding oomph and captivating the hearts of her admirers with her vibrant eyes, Sanon leads the beauty runway when it comes to playing it bold with colours. Start with an eye base that matches your skin tone. Then use a blending brush to diffuse layering creases on the lids. With a medium shader brush, pick a violet shade from your eyeshadow palette and start blending it outwards. Move your eyeshadow brush in circles for full coverage on the lids. Apply it to the inner corners and leave out the outer ones. An eyelash curler and mascara are your ultimate beauty weapons to complete the look. Go for a stroke of sleek eyeliner if you want dramatic eyes, or leave them as it is like Sanon. Pick a nude shade for your lips, and you are all set for your weekend sojourn.

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