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8 Beauty Lessons You Need To Take From Bhumi Pednekar’s Instagram Feed

Bhumi Pednekar is a very talented actress and her beauty game is always on-point. If you scroll through her Instagram feed, you will find a lot of stunning looks, the actress has rocked so far. From getting the nail polish right to making major statements with eye makeup, she is a major inspiration for her fans. So, we looked through her Instagram feed and found 8 beauty lessons to take from her fabulous pictures. Have a look.


1. The Power Of Red Nail Polish

Bhumi Pednekar made a huge statement with her red nail polish and showed us how just a nail polish can up your entire look. We all love matching the colour of our nail paint with our outfit. But you may not know that red nail polish is a classic and it goes well with everything. It looks bold, eye-catching and in short, it is the ultimate statement of glamour.


2. Glowing Skin Doesn’t Need Makeup

Who needs cosmetics when you have a beautiful skin! Investing in good skin-care products is better than investing on expensive brand makeup products. After all, makeup is temporary while your natural glowing skin is permanent and requires more attention. In the picture, Bhumi Pednekar is seen in messy hair with no makeup look, but she still looks beautiful and all credit goes to her glowing skin.


3. The Magic Of Pastel Hues

Pastel colours work wonders and create magic. Hues like lilac, rose-pink, baby blue, etc., not only brings pop to our eye makeup but also gives soothing vibes. Bhumi Pednekar gave a major beauty tip on how to play with pastel hues. She went for a lilac eye shadow and looked pretty and she even balanced the look correctly with light pink lip tint. It surely makes for a go-to look for this summer season.


4. Wear Mask And Let Your Eyes Do All The Talking

Face masks are mandatory to avoid the spread of coronavirus disease. But wearing masks doesn't mean, you have to put your makeup products away. While lipsticks might make your look messy, so just like Bhumi, let your eyes do all the talking. Get creative with eye shadow palettes, eyeliner, and mascara, and it will surely make you stand out.


5. Good Hair Days Are Saviour

The minute you saw this monochrome picture of Bhumi Pednekar, let's admit, your all attention went towards her hair. Isn't it? Now here, it's clear how your hair can grab the eyeballs. So, just like how you pamper your skin, it's equally important to give your hair a good care and treatment from time to time. So, while you are running late and having absolutely no time to apply makeup, good hair can turn out as a saviour for you!


6. When In Doubt, Wear Red Lipstick

Red is a very bold colour and one can really make a strong case for it. A red lipstick is empowering and suits all skin types. Red lipstick itself is a complete makeup. Sometimes, when you don't have time to apply the full makeup, just wear a red lipstick and look attractive.


7. Get Playful With Colours

Playing with colours is always fun and looks exciting too. There have been numerous times when Bhumi Pednekar has popped up on feed, flaunting colourful eye shadow looks and it has beckoned us to get playful with colours. One or two or may be a couple of more, you can choose multiple colours to highlight your eyes with and get all attention.


8. When Nothing Goes Right, Contour It Right

Bhumi Pednekar is often seen highlighting her look with contour powder with a little shimmery detail on the top of it. And now, she has mastered the art of contouring. With her looks, she has also proved how a perfectly contoured face can add an edge to your entire look and make you look beautiful. So, just contour it right!

So, from above pointers, what is the best beauty lesson by Bhumi Pednekar that inspired you the most? Let us know that in the comment section.

Pic Credits: Bhumi Pednekar's Instagram

Story first published: Tuesday, April 20, 2021, 17:30 [IST]