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Struggling With Cakey Make-up? Here Is Your Guide To Applying Make-up On Dry Skin

The process of make-up application is hard enough and keeping it flawless, especially on dry skin, makes it even more difficult. A flawless make-up is one that is well-blended and absorbed into the skin. When you have dry skin, the make-up collects on your skin instead, making it look patchy and flaky. Not to worry. It is nothing that can't be fixed. With the right technique and products, you can get the fight the dry skin woes and get a flawless make-up. In this article, we tell you how to apply make-up for dry skin.

How To Apply Make-up For Dry Skin


Step 1: Moisturise well

Dry skin needs moisturisation to get the flawless finish. Beat the dryness by moisturising your skin well before you put on make-up. Get a moisturiser suitable for dry skin. Apply it generously on your face and neck. Allow it to get absorbed into your skin before moving on with the make-up application.


Step 2: Put on some lip balm

Putting lipstick on dry and chapped lips can ruin your entire look. Just after you apply the moisturiser, put on a nourishing lip balm. By the time you are done with your make-up, your lips will be soft, supple and ready for application.


Step 3: Wear a hydrating primer

Priming is important, especially if you have dry skin. It gives you a smoother canvas to work on and helps to glide the make-up smoothly. It also makes your make-up last longer. So, prime the T-zone of your face and your eyes(use an eye primer for that) and use dabbing motions to blend it in.


Step 4: Foundation that is dry skin specific

After the primer has settled in your skin, apply foundation on your face and neck. Look for the foundation that is suitable for dry skin. A foundation for dry skin is more moisturising and not only does it last longer but also prevent the dry patches on the face.


Step 5: Find concealer for dry skin

Next, conceal your dark circles using a liquid concealer that is meant for dry skin. Use a damp beauty blender to blend the concealer. If you don't have dark circles or blemishes, try to avoid concealer.


Step 6: Setting powder, if you use concealer

The concealer needs to set with a setting powder or it will crease. So, if you have used concealer, use the setting powder to set it in place. Don't go hard with setting powder.


Step 7: Setting spray for the nourishment

After you have put foundation and concealer, to add to the moisture and prevent the base from becoming patchy, spray some setting spray on your face and allow it to get absorbed into your skin.


Step 8: Use liquid blush

Blush brightens your face and adds a soft flush to your cheeks. For your dry skin, liquid blush is the best. It beats the dry cheeks and is long-lasting. Just place it on the apples of your cheeks and use the beauty blender or your fingertips to blend it in.


Step 9: Liquid/Cream highlighter adds to the charm

Highlighting the face makes the look dewy and adds a natural glow to it. For dry skin, that is the exact look you want to go for. Dot a few drops of the highlighter on your cheekbones and use your fingertips to blend it in.


Step 10: No matte lipsticks

Stay away from matte lipsticks. Put on a semi-matte or glossy lipstick on your lips. If you are going for a semi-matte lipstick, top it off with some clear gloss.


Step 11: Setting spray to set the face

Your last step is spritzing some setting spray on your face. It meshes everything together, sets the make-up in place and adds hydration to your face.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Should I use powder if I have dry skin?

A. No. Avoid power products as much as possible. Powder balances the natural oil production of the skin and prevents the product from moving. And that is not much of an issue with dry skin.

Q. Why does my makeup look dry and flaky?

A. Check the ingredients of the products you use. Silicon-based products exaggerate the dry patches. Use water-based products instead and boost up the moisturisation.

Q. How do I keep my makeup from looking dry?

A. Moisturise well before your make-up and use a face mist throughout the day to refresh your make-up.

Q. Is pressed foundation better for dry skin?

A. No. The pressed foundation is not ideal to use for dry skin. Use a liquid foundation for a dewy and flawless finish.

Q. Can I mix my foundation with my moisturizer?

A. Yes. Foundation mixed with moisturiser blends better and hydrates the skin. It also is a great idea if you want a foundation with one less shade.

Story first published: Monday, February 17, 2020, 18:37 [IST]
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