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8 Lip Products That Every Woman Must-Have In Her Make-up Bag

Whether we are into make-up or not, a lip balm or a lipstick is among our essential products for most of us. It is safe to say, you are not well equipped to get trendy. With the boom of Instagram and Youtube beauty looks, lip trends have gone on whole another level. From metallic lips to over-lined plump lips, there are lots of lip make-up being done. Our basic lip balm and lipstick today does not make the lip essential products cut.

To make sure your lips are on-fleek at all times, we have listed lip products that are a must-have in every woman's make-up bag. Some of these are the staples that are important to keep your lips healthy and soft while others will help you get the perfect pout and trendy lip looks. Let's go!


1. Lip Scrub

Chapped and split lips can be the greatest hindrance in getting the perfect pout. To keep your lips smooth and beautiful, you need a lip scrub. It removes the dead skin from your lips rejuvenating them. All you need to do is apply some lip scrub on your lips, scrub your lips for a couple of minutes and wash it off.


2. Lip Balm

Our lips are exposed to many harmful things through the day- dirt, pollution and the sun rays. This makes our lips dry and dull. That is definitely the look we are going for. For soft and nourished lips, get a lip balm with an SPF. This keeps your lips soft and protects them from the possible damage by the sun.


3. Lip Liner

Lip liner is a lip essential that we don't pay much heed to. And then we wonder why our lipstick bleeds! Lip liner serves two purposes- to protect your lipstick from smudging and creating the perfect outline for your lips. Your make-up bag can not do without a lip liner.


4. Lipstick

Lipsticks are the most obvious product in your lip essential. The pop of colour they add to the lips makes all the difference to your look. But, it isn't that simple. Ther are various kinds of lipstick out there- matte, glossy, metallic, satin and liquid. Each of these gives you a completely different look and can be used as per the vibe you are going for. Test each kind, fins out which ones resonate with you and stock up different shades yo suit your every occasion.


5. Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is used to add shine to your lips. It can be used on top of your lipstick when you are feeling extra or on the bare lips for a natural look. Apart from the transparent shade, you can get lip glosses in a variety of subtle and bold shades to take your lip game up a notch.


6. Lip Plumper

Who doesn't need plump lips! But, not all of us are `lucky enough to get naturally plump lips. Lip plumper is the perfect product to give you big, pouty lips. Those with thin lips need to give lip plumpers a try. Just swipe the plumper on your lips, let the tingles settle and enjoy fuller lips.


7. Lipstick Brush

No matter how much you try, you don't seem to get the perfect shape for your lips. The bullet lipstick or the stick of the liquid lips often does not offer the precision we need. It is therefore important to have a lipstick brush that gives you the control you need to create the perfect shape.


8. Lip Tint

Sometimes you do not want fuller or bold lips. You need soft, tinted lips and that is okay. In fact, most days we want to carry this look. A lip tint serves your need and how. Lip and cheek tints have become quite popular these days. It adds a hint of pink or peach to your lips and it can also be used on your cheeks and eyes to create a minimalist monochromatic look.

Story first published: Tuesday, July 14, 2020, 13:26 [IST]