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Kalki Koechlin Just Made This Monsoon A Little More Fun With Dreamy Blue Eye Make-up!

With slight rain showers and blossoming flowers, the season of rain is finally here. While we love monsoon, it restricts us in many ways. This season can be dull and wet and when it comes to beauty, you have a lot to consider. And hence we think that there isn't a lot that can be done during this time. Well, Kalki Koechlin just proved you wrong!

In her recent Instagram post, Kalki was seen draped beautifully in a colourful vibrantly-patterned sari. The diva who is promoting her upcoming Zee5 series, Bhram has been a fashion inspiration for many. However, her make-up and hairdo in this particular post are perfect for this monsoon season.

With dreamy blue eye make-up and a twisted hairdo, Kalki just portrayed how to add fun and colour to this dull season. Want to recreate her look? Here is an easy step-by-step tutorial for you. Take a look!

How To Recreate The Make-up Look

What you need

  • Primer
  • Tinted moisturiser/ BB cream
  • Concealer
  • Blush
  • Sky blue eyeshadow
  • Metallic blue eyeshadow
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Nude brown lipstick
  • Black eyeliner
  • Setting powder
  • Setting spray
  • Beauty blender
  • Fluffy eyeshadow brush
  • Flat eyeshadow brush
  • Blush brush

Steps to recreate the look

  • Start with priming your face. Take a small amount of primer and apply it on the T-zone of your face. Blend it in using dabbing motions. Let it sink into your skin for a couple of minutes.
  • Apply a tinted moisturiser on your face, if you want sheer coverage. To get a little more coverage, use a BB cream instead. Use your fingertips to blend it in.
  • Apply some concealer on your under-eye area, if you feel the need, and blend it in using a damp beauty blender. Otherwise, you can skip this step.
  • If you do apply the concealer, use some setting powder to set the concealer in place.
  • Dab the blush brush in the blush palette, tap off the excess, smile a little and apply the blush on the bulged-out cheekbones.
  • Using the eyebrow pencil to fill in your eyebrows.
  • Coming to the eyes, apply some concealer all over your lids and blend well. This will act as a eyeshadow base.
  • Take the sky blue eyeshadow on the fluffy brush and apply it all over your lid. To ensure that there aren't any harsh lines, use the brush to blend the edges well. Drag this eyeshadow on your lower lashline as well.
  • Now take the metallic blue eyeshadow and apply it all over your lid, just below your crease. Now apply the eyeshadow to your lower lashline as well.
  • Line your upper lashline and tightline your eyes using the eyeliner.
  • Lastly, apply the lipstick on your lips.
  • To set the make-up in place, spritz some setting spray on your face.

How To Recreate The Hairdo

What you need

  • Detangler comb
  • Few bobby pins
  • Hair tie
  • Hair spray

Steps to recreate the hairdo

  • Use the detangler comb to remove all the tangles and knots from your hair.
  • Part your hair from the middle.
  • Starting from one side, take a section of your hair just above your parting.
  • Split the section in two and twist them together.
  • Add a section of hair from the hairline to each section before you twist it over the other section.
  • Keep adding and twisting the hair until you reach the top of your ear. Now curve it around the back of your head. Secure it at the back of your head using a bobby pin.
  • Repeat the same process on the other side as well.
  • Gather all the hair at the back and tie it in a ponytail.
  • Twist and wrap the hair around the base to create a bun.
  • Secure the bun using some bobby pins.
  • Spray some hair spray on your hair to set everything in place.
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Story first published: Saturday, July 20, 2019, 9:00 [IST]
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