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10 Mistakes You Make While Applying Mascara

If you like wearing make-up, you might know and understand the importance of using all the products correctly. As you might already know, make-up consists of various products like eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, concealer, foundation, lipstick, bronzer, and a mascara.

And it is essential that we apply these products correctly so that our make-up looks good and our face does not look cakey or older.

Listed below are some mascara mistakes that you make.

1. Applying Mascara To Your Top Lashes Before The Bottom Ones

When you apply mascara to your upper lashes first and then move on to apply to your lower lashes, it might result in the mascara on the upper lashes getting smudged. To avoid that, always apply mascara to your lower lashes first and then move on to the top ones.

2. Pumping Your Mascara Wand

Well if you do, it will dry out your mascara faster and will allow too much air to get into the mascara tube, thus causing clumpy lashes.

3. Curling Lashes After Applying Mascara

If you too curl your lashes after applying your mascara, you are doing it all wrong. Always curl your lashes first using an eyelash curler and then proceed to apply the mascara.

4. Putting Mascara On One Side Of The Lashes

If you too are putting mascara to only one side of your lashes, you tend to lose the curl due to the excessive weight applied on your lashes. To avoid that, always apply the mascara to your entire eyelashes.

5. Applying Mascara Upwards

Ideally, when people apply mascara, they tend to sweep the wand upwards to get that curl. However, that is a completely wrong way of applying the mascara. Always hold the mascara wand below the lashes and simply wiggle it from side to side to apply it correctly.

6. Sharing The Same Mascara

Well, no! You should never share your mascara wand with others. Same goes for lipstick as well. Whether it is your BFF or your college mate, sharing mascara and using the same wand as others is an easy way of spreading germs that can lead to an eye infection. Now, that isn't something you would want, right?

7. Using Same Mascara Bottle For A Long Time

Some might think that using the same mascara bottle for a long time is a good idea. But, it's not! Make-up products can easily carry bacteria, thus causing infection. It is, therefore, advisable that you keep changing your make-up products from time to time to avoid any infections or another sort of discomfort. Also, checking for the expiration date of the products is another safe way to avoid any infections.

8. Skipping Concealer On Eyelids

This is something most of us do. And, it's a mistake! Mascara has a high possibility of smudging when it's wet. Therefore, it is always a better idea to apply some concealer after and before applying the mascara.

9. Trying To Coat The Roots Of Your Lashes With The Wand

Well, if you do this, stop it immediately. Trying to desperately coat the roots of your lashes with your mascara wand can mess it up at times. For that, always use a flat brush to apply mascara to the roots of your lashes without the risk of it smudging and spoiling your look.

10. Sleeping With Mascara On

If you do, you might need to make some changes in your routine. To avoid any breakage or damage to your lashes due to every day and constant application of mascara, it is essential that you remove the mascara before going to bed. Also, it is a good habit to condition your lashes regularly by applying some coconut or olive oil.

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