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20 Make-up Hacks For All Lazy Girls Out There

Who doesn't want to look a million dollar? But the hours it takes aren't everybody's cup of tea, especially the lazy ones. And the thought of losing your beauty sleep in the morning to do all that jazz is tiresome and doesn't sound appealing at all! It is a big no-no for you.

Then what can you do? Fortunately, we've some amazing hacks for all the lazy girls out there. With these hacks up your sleeves, you can get the look you want without much fuss and effort. Using these hacks will definitely make you 'effortlessly beautiful'. Sounds appealing? Well, then all you need to do is read on and enjoy these amazing tips and hacks.

1. Get Your Hair Ready The Night Before

The first hack you should know is that prepping your hair the night before saves you from a lot of hassle and thus is perfect for all you lazy lads. So, what you can do is wash your hair the night before so that you don't have to worry in the morning.

You can go further than that by styling your hair in the night. For those loose waves, tie your hair in plaits, apply some hair spray and sleep on it. Just brush through your in the morning and you're done!

2. A Cold Water Splash First Thing In The Morning

So you want your skin to look smooth and firm but are too lazy to follow the hundred-step routine? We've got you! Just splash your face with some cold water first thing in the morning. Cold water helps to close the skin pores and thus makes your skin firm and fresh. Gently pat your face dry afterwards.

3. Quick Skin Prep In The Morning

Being a lazy lad we know that you aren't going to go through a lot of trouble. But you still want your skin to be amazing, right? It's a good thing then that you can prep your skin in a couple of steps in the morning.

So, you need to follow the three-step skin prep. Cleanse, moisturise and sunscreen. These will be enough to get your skin ready as well as protect your skin.

4. Use BB Or CC Cream

Well, if you don't want to do the full foundation routine, that's to say you're too lazy to do it, invest in a BB or CC cream. These won't provide you with full coverage like foundation, but these are lighter on the skin and feel just like a tinted moisturiser.

The best part they are quick and easy to use and give you relatively even-toned skin.

5. Spot Concealing

Too lazy to do the concealer jazz? Simple, spot conceal. Spot concealing saves you a lot of time while getting the job done. Now you must be wondering what is spot concealing.

Spot concealing is when you conceal the specific spots on your face by dabbing a dot of concealer over it and then blending it in. This helps to hide what you want to hide and won't be too much work.

6. The Ultimate Saviour - Red Lips!

A red lip can always save the day. No matter the occasion, the time of day or the season, a red lip always works. Even if you haven't done much, a red lip will pump up your look. When you're confused about which lip shade to wear, go for the red. This is how amazing a red lip colour is.

So, for all the lazy girls out there, a red lip would be the perfect hack!

7. Few Drops Of Peppermint Oil To Plump Your Lips

Being lazy doesn't mean you don't want to pump up your look, right? And a full and plump lip can lift your look like no other. So, to make your lips appear fuller, just add a few drops of peppermint oil in your lip gloss and you'll be amazed by the instant difference.

8. Use Translucent Powder To Make Your Lipstick Last Long

If you are too lazy to touch-up your face throughout the day, a hack that will help your make-up last would be great, wouldn't it? That is what this hack is all about.

To make your lipstick last longer so that you wouldn't need to reapply it every few hours, use translucent powder. After you've applied your lipstick, put a tissue over lips, take some translucent powder on a fluffy brush and apply the translucent powder on your lips over the tissue. This will lock your lipstick in place and it will last you all day long.

9. Use A Sticky Tape For That Defined Eye Look

Now that you're lazy and obviously you want the things to be done with quickly. But still, you want them to look flawless! This can be tricky, but not if you have a few smart tricks up your sleeves.

To give your eyeshadow or eyeliner a perfectly defined look, use transparent sticky tape. Just place the sticky tape from the base of your eyes towards the ends of your eyebrows in angular motion and you'll get that defined eye look. Remove the tape once you're done.

10. Use Eyelash Curler For That Quick Eyeliner

Applying a crisp eyeliner is not that easy for many of us. And especially for all the lazy ones as it does take a lot of patience to apply that fine and perfect line.

An amazing trick would be to use your eyelash curler to apply the eyeliner. Just apply a fine line of your eyeliner on the inside of your eyelash curler and curl your eyelashes as usual. This will line your eyes and curl your lashes at the same time. What more would a lazy girl want!

11. A White Eyeliner To Make Your Eyes Pop

If you want to look awake and make your eyes pop, use a white or peach eyeliner on your water line. A black kohl does look pretty, but a white liner opens up your eyes and give a refreshing touch to your look. And that too without much fuss.

12. Tightline Your Eyes

Tightlining your eyes can be the best trick to define your eyes and slightly line them. To tightline your eyes, just use a pencil liner to line your upper water line while slightly pushing it towards the lash line. This will give your eyes the illusion of a liner without much hassle.

13. When In Hurry, Go For Either Lips Or Eyes

Coming to the next hack, we would suggest you to either pay attention to your eyes or your lips. This will not only save you time and effort, but also give you a subtle look.

If you go for the eyes, keep the lips nice and nude. And if you go for the lips, just curl your lashes and apply some mascara.

14. Lip & Cheek Stain

A lip and cheek stain is gaining a lot of popularity among the make-up lovers these days. And as it turns out, it is the best product for all your lazy ones. A lip and cheek stain is a product that can be used for staining both your lips and cheeks.

It gives a very pretty tint to your lips and cheeks, and it is a must have if you're the lazy diva who loves themselves some quick and pretty hacks.

15. Blush Up Your Cheeks & Eyes

If you want to look flushed, pretty and wide-awake, but don't want to put in a lot of efforts this is the perfect hack for you. Just apply a soft pink blush on your cheeks and your eyes and see the difference for yourself. You can, in fact, apply the same blush on your lips as well to enhance your look a bit.

16. Highlight The High Points

Another excellent hack to lift your look and give it a fresh and dewy turn is to highlight the high points of your face. The high points of your face include your cheekbones, the tip and bridge of your nose, your cupid's bow and your brow bone.

Use a champagne or a silver-hued highlighter based on your skin tone. You can apply the highlighter over your foundation or on a bare face. Either way, it helps.

17. Notch Up Your Brow Game

Eyebrows usually don't get the attention they deserve. A perfectly defined eyebrow can change your whole look. So, if you're too lazy to do anything else, just define and fill in your brows. It works like magic every single time.

18. Make Use Of Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo can turn out to be the life saviour for all you lazy girls. If you're too lazy to wash your hair, dry shampoo comes in handy. Just spray some dry shampoo on your roots and let it do its magic. It will not only hide the greasiness, but also provide a better hold on your hair.

19. A Bun Always Saves The Day

Styling the hair requires a lot of patience and time. And it can be a pain to style the hair every morning, especially if you're the lazy lad. So, what can you do? Well, a bun would never fail you. It is easy, quick and it definitely does lift up your look. So, if you're feeling too lazy to style the hair, go for a bun and you're sorted.

20. Spray Your Bobby Pins With Some Hair Spray

Continuing with the hair hacks, this one helps you when you do decide to style your hair. We understand how difficult it is to style your hair and then fuss with it to keep fixing and refixing your hair. So, an easy solution for that would be to spray some hair spray on your bobby pins before you put them in. This will give a better hold to your hair and thus your hair won't need fixing again and again.

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 29, 2019, 13:37 [IST]
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