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Why Your Skin Looks Dull Even After Using Makeup

By Riddhi Roy

We use makeup to enhance our features and to make the best out of how we look. Yet sometimes, makeup can make you look a lot duller when all you wanted to do was to brighten your face.

Sometimes, certain mistakes we make can make the whole look go wrong.

Makeup is like a magic tool that can be used to change so many aspects of your face. Didn't get enough sleep? Concealers at your rescue! Lacking a glow? Use a highlighter.

Moreover, makeup can be used to make all of your features look sharper. Although if it is done wrong, it can do just the opposite of that. Haven't we all seen people looking clownish due to makeup gone wrong?

So, here are some things you could be doing wrong if your makeup is making you look dull.


1. Too Many Products:

While it is true that makeup is meant to enhance your features, using all kinds of products all at once is not a good idea, as it can look like too much is going on, on your face. Yes, all the makeup gurus have shown us how to use all the products like blushes, bronzers, contour products together. Using them all together, especially when you don't have too much time on hand, is not a good idea. Instead, right after cleansing and prepping your face, go or a multitasking product like a BB or CC cream, that way you wouldn't have to layer on product after product. These creams offer coverage and brightening effects along with an SPF. And then, add a blush and contour.


2. Wrong Colour:

This is a mistake that most of us make, although never on purpose. It can be very difficult to find makeup that is a true match for your skin tone. This is why, it is very important to ask a professional for their help when it comes to picking out products that suit your skin tone. You can always ask a makeup artist for their help or even ask people at the sales counter. Most high-end makeup stores have good makeup artists working for them. Using a shade too dark in terms of foundation can age you, while a shade too light can make your skin appear ashy.


3. The Skin Is Unable To Breathe:

Some makeup products can be too pore shrinking and clog the pores if used too much. Stick to these kinds of makeup once in a while and never on a regular basis, as this can make the skin unable to breathe and lead it to look dull and lifeless. It is also suggested that you go for formulas that have a lot of ingredients that benefit the skin. We also suggest you to keep your skin type in mind while buying products. Never go for a product that is suited for oily skin if you have dry skin.


4. Not Exfoliating:

If you have dead skin sitting on your skin, the makeup will not go on smoothly. It would appear ashy and the dead skin may even show through. Make sure you exfoliate with a gentle scrub a night before you are going to be using a heavy-duty foundation. Follow that up with a toner and moisturiser to ensure that your skin is smooth and well hydrated. After all, good skin is the key to making your makeup look good.


5. Too Much Highlighter:

It is very in trend these days to look like you are glowing, but some women seem to take it too far with the highlight. You'd want a healthy, lit-from-within kind of a look as opposed to looking like a disco ball. Apply highlighter only on areas where the light hits your face naturally, like the bridge of your nose, the high points of your cheeks and your cupid's bow.


6. Wrong Shade Of Concealer:

A concealer is supposed to mask your flaws. It is used to hide marks of blemishes or to brighten the under-eye area. This should be a maximum of one shade lighter than your actual skin tone. Using a shade lighter than that can actually enhance your flaws even further.


7. Using The Wrong Lipstick Shade:

If your skin is looking dull, there are some shades you should avoid, namely browns and nudes. Go for a true red lipstick that has just the right amount of blue and orange tones in it. These help to instantly brighten the face. These add a pop of colour to the face and are usually suitable for all skin tones.


8. Blending:

Unblended makeup can look a lot worse than no makeup at all. Always spend time on blending your makeup perfectly, be it foundation, contour products or your eyeshadow. Invest in good brushes and sponges.

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