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When To Throw Out Your Makeup

By Riddhi Roy
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Makeup is an amazing tool with which you can change up your appearance anytime you like. You can sharpen your features and even make your face look slimmer. But it is really difficult to figure out when it is time to throw out your makeup, as makeup too expires.

If you are a woman who has way too much unused makeup lying around, you are not alone. We are all guilty of doing this at some point of time in our lives.

Using expired makeup can be really harmful for you, as it can cause breakouts and infections as well, which makes it extremely important to know when to throw out your makeup.

Most makeup products come with an expiry date written on them and even a little sign indicating how many months they can be used for. But even if these products don't have any dates mentioned, we will tell you exactly how to know when the time is right to throw out your makeup.

So here's how you can make sure that your skin does not suffer by throwing out your makeup on time!


1. Foundation:

Liquid foundations are wet, hence increasing the chances of bacterial growth. You should be using a liquid foundation for a maximum of a year. As the foundation gets older, its consistency gets thicker. This means bacteria has been present in the foundation. You will also notice that the foundation is extra thick, right near the lid, as that is the area with most contact with the air and hence more bacteria.

To prevent breakouts and skin irritation, change your foundation every eight months to a year. You should also avoid dipping your finger into your foundation to make it last a lot longer. This is why we prefer foundations that come with a pump or a tube.


2. Mascara:

Have you noticed that your mascara starts going on thick and not as smoothly as it did when you first bought it? A mascara is a wet and dark environment and is perfect for bacteria growth. You should be throwing out any mascara within six months, as a mascara wand is the thing that gets the closest contact with your eyes. Eyes are really sensitive and can get infected quite easily. So, make sure you throw out your mascara six months after you buy it.

We suggest buying mini-sized mascaras, so that you can finish the product on time and even save some money while you're at it. That way, you don't feel guilty of throwing out a product that has so much left in it.


3. Eyeshadow:

Powder-based products like eyeshadows do not accumulate bacteria as easy as cream and liquid products, so you can use your eyeshadows for three years at best. Isn't that good news for all of us who love to hoard eyeshadow palettes? One thing to be sure of doing is to clean your eyeshadow brushes on the regular, as this is the best way to avoid an infection.


4. Lipstick:

Lipsticks need to be thrown out in a year, as they start to get very drying the longer you use them. Imagine using a matte finish lipstick for more than a year. That would be painful. We have had to throw out a few of our lipsticks and we know it feels like losing a pet, but trust us, it needs to be done for our own good.


5. Skincare:

Most skincare products have a long shelf life, thankfully. Some products like face creams can even be used for two years. But be careful while using eye creams. You don't want any bacteria to be coming into contact with your under-eye area, as this can easily be traveling into your eyes. You must replace your eye cream every six months.


6. Concealer:

If you use a concealer that comes in a pan, and you use your fingers to apply it, it needs to be thrown within eight months, as it is coming into contact with the bacteria in your fingers. But, if you use it with a clean makeup brush, you may keep it for as long as eighteen months. So, invest in good makeup brushes, ladies.


7. Blush and Bronzer:

Since these are mostly powder-based products, you need not worry about throwing it away too soon. Powder-based products do not accumulate bacteria easily. You can use these for two years without having to worry. Again, be sure to use them with a clean brush to avoid breakouts.


8. Eyeliner:

Gel and liquid eyeliners that are used with a brush should be replaced every six months once, as they come into close contact with your eyes and can cause eye infections if too much bacteria accumulate on them, and that is not a pretty sight.

And that is all about when you need to be throwing out your makeup. For more Beauty-related updates, this is the place you've got to be at!

Story first published: Thursday, March 22, 2018, 21:30 [IST]
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