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These Time- & Money-saving Beauty Tips Are Just What You Need

Beauty products can indeed put a dent in your pocket. Although we wouldn't mind splurging on some essential beauty products, when it comes to basics, it would be wise to save some time and money. This could be creating your own homemade products, or finding beauty items that are multi-functional, so that you can get the most out of what you own.

Beauty care is an inevitable part of our daily routine. Irrespective of whether it is styling our hair, just getting ready for our day, or applying makeup, we have a daily process in place. But maintaining a daily routine can get expensive and time consuming at times. This article can help you with some tips and tricks to save your valuable time and money on some essential elements of your beauty routine. So, here are a few tips and tricks. Make a note.

Wash Makeup Brushes With Baby Shampoo

It is essential to keep our makeup tools clean, and makeup brushes are the ones that need a lot of attention in this matter. Instead of replacing your makeup brushes every month, here's a tip. Run your brushes under lukewarm water (do this by keeping the bristles pointed downwards). Take a little baby shampoo in between your fingers, massage it in, until it gives lather, and then give it a quick rinse.

Squeeze out the excess water from the brush by pulling it out gently with your thumb and index finger. If the water seems dirty, you can repeat the cleansing process once more until the water runs clear. Now, lay the brushes flat to dry overnight.

Get A Tanned Look Using A Makeup Brush

Did you know that if you wish to get a tanned look instantly, a makeup brush can come in handy? You can apply a bronzer on the areas where the sun would naturally hit your skin, such as your forehead and cheekbones, and also your collarbones, chest and neck.

Now use a large fluffy brush and a matte bronzer that is two shades darker than your natural tone to mimic the effect of a natural tan. Buffing in the bronzer in circular motions can give you the most natural effect.

To Get White Teeth, Rub Them With A Slice Of Lemon

Lemon is a natural source of vitamin C that lightens teeth and acts as a bleaching agent, clearing yellow discolouration. So peel a lemon, and rub its peel all over the teeth for a minute or two, followed by rinsing with water. Continue this process regularly. Alternatively, blend lemon peel with water and make a fine paste. Use this to brush your teeth and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Repeat thrice a week.

Use Coconut Oil For Smooth Skin

Now, coconut oil can help you save money on masks. After you cleanse your face, apply your regular moisturizer. Then, layer a spoon of coconut oil on top of it and relax for 20 minutes. The coconut oil helps your skin absorb all the hydrating elements from the moisturizer, leaving you with a smooth, soft skin.

To Blend Eye Shadow, Use A Fluffy Brush

Apply and blend a first colour base shadow into the crease of the eyelid for a soft finish. Instead of buying an expensive makeup brush, blend eye shadow using the fluffy brush bristles to diffuse eye shadow in the crease of your eye. It also helps in blending multiple shades of eye shadow together.

Use Concealer To Primer Your Eyes

If you have run out of your eye primer, use this tip. Instead of relying on traditional eyelid primers, use a concealer. It saves prep time and a little bit can go a long way. Using a concealer on your eye can give ideas for what would look good on you that day, as it covers imperfections. It won't crease or smear too.

Use Mascara As Eyeliner Too

We often forget to replace our finished makeup, and think about it only when the need arises. So, what if you find that you have just run out of your go-to eyeliner? Instead of fussing about it, just use your mascara. Mascara can double-up as your eyeliner in desperate situations like this. The best method to do this is to dip your eyeliner brush into your mascara and continue using it, until you make it to the store.

Some More Money-saving Beauty Tips

• Instead of investing money in store-bought scrubs, go for natural alternatives like oats, brown sugar, honey, etc.

• Coconut oil and baby shampoos are great makeup removers too, and they last longer than the tiny bottles of makeup removers at the stores.

• Cinnamon is an active ingredient in lip plumpers, so apply some cinnamon oil for a fuller pout.

• When choosing makeup products, go for multitaskers. Although you would spend more on a single product, you will get plenty out of it.

• Instead of visiting a salon for a hair mask, try using an avocado mask.

• Rather than heading to the market to buy a heated eyelash curler, just heat it up with your blow dryer for 30 seconds, and you get the same results.

So, do you have any time- and money-saving beauty tips to share with us? Please do share your experiences in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 21, 2018, 18:00 [IST]
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