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Eye makeup is one of the important parts in face makeup. Most of us give more importance or focus on our eye makeup, even though we do not do any makeup on our face. After all, those dramatic eyes is a dream of every girl.

Who wouldn't love to have those perfect eyes? Even though you are not a pro, there's always a solution to get the eyeliner applying done right.

Simple eyeliner hacks

However, for beginners, this might seem to be difficult, but don't worry, you can also be a pro. Presenting to you some eyeliner hacks you can apply in your makeup routine to get the perfect eyeliner style.

These simple eyeliner hacks will help you to master the technique of applying eyeliners and also give you an insight on how to maintain it.

So, gear it up for some secrets and tips ahead.

Running Out Of An Eyeliner? Use Eyeshadow

Sometimes, we run short of eyeliners at a time when it's not possible to buy a new one immediately.
During such emergencies, your eyeshadow can be a source of rescue. Take a dark-colored eyeshadow, it can be black or dark brown or whatever colour you wish. Use a liner brush and make a stroke on your lash line to get the effect of an eyeliner. Darken it if you wish to.

Make Your Eyes Look Bigger With The White Eyeliner

If you have small eyes, white eyeliners can help you to make your eyes look bigger. White eyeliners are not something which everyone likes to experiment or use. But if used in the right way, it can solve your problem of having small eyes. Use white eyeliners on your lower lash line and black on the upper lash line to see instant results.

Use A Mascara As Your Liner

Remember the times you had to rush to your workplace or college? That's when this trick comes in handy. You will be amazed to know that your mascara can help you with this. Apply 2-3 coats of mascara on your eyelash, touching the roots of the eyelash. This will look as if you have applied an eyeliner. But remember to touch the roots when you apply.

Use An Eyeshadow To Make Your Liner Last Long

We all have this question of how to make your eyeliner last long? The answer for this is an eyeshadow. After you have applied an eyeliner, lightly dust an eyeshadow of the same colour over it. To last the eyeliner longer, blend them together. In order to get the perfection, make sure that you use the same colour.

Connect The Dots

This is one of the age-old techniques of applying eyeliners for the beginners. You can either use a gel or a liquid eyeliner for this in order to get that perfection. All you have to do is to mark small dots on your upper lash line. Next, connect these dots with strokes. There you go, it's this simple. You can also thicken the stroke if you want it to be darker.

Avoid Stretching The Skin Around Your Eyes

Make sure you do not stretch the skin around your eyes when you apply an eyeliner. This will smudge your eyeliner and make it look messy. If in case your eyeliner messes up, don't worry, there's a simple trick to mend it. Dip a cotton swab in petroleum jelly, a makeup remover or a concealer and correct it, and now you are set to go!

Use Tape For Cat Eyeliners

If you want those perfect, sharp cat eyeliners, using a tape is the best solution you can look for. If you are not an expert in doing cat eyeliners, stick a tape at the corner of your eyes. You can create the strokes above the tape to get those sharp and long ends. Remove the tape and you can see that perfect cat eyeliner done.

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