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8 Makeup Rules That Are Totally Worth Breaking!

By Devika Bandopadya

If you love to do your own makeup, then it's obvious you would have gone through plenty of makeup tutorials to get an idea about how makeup artists are always able to give a ravishing and diva-like look to people. However, sometimes following every makeup rule can get troublesome.

It is more often necessary that we follow the rules that are within our ability and yes, as far as products are concerned, they should also fit into our budget. You can experiment with various makeup looks and choose to adorn the one that suits and comforts you the most.

Makeup definitely makes your face look more beautiful and flawless, but it is surely okay to break some of the hardcore rules of makeup. Read on to know some of the makeup rules that you can surely break. So become creative and explore the possibilities to apply makeup in various ways.

Makeup Rules Worth Breaking

• Foundation shade should match with your neck

You would have come across a standard advice each time you went to purchase a foundation - that the foundation should be such that it disappears into your skin. However, if your face is extremely fair or dark, this might not apply. The best rule to follow here is to match the foundation to your face rather than your neck.

Although most makeup artists would ask you to choose a foundation that matches your neck colour, this does not work in the ideal situation for many. It is good to stay away from a foundation that is too pink. It would look unnatural. Choose a foundation with a yellowish undertone. This will effectively balance out the redness on the face. So, follow the rule of matching the foundation to your face even if it is darker than your neck or the rest of your body.

• Nude lips and smokey eyes go well with each other

If you are a beginner and learning the art of makeup through trial and error, then you can follow the rules just to ensure that you do not mess up your look. Also, if you wish to go adventurous, you can figure out what style and colour would suit you by trying out different combinations of colours that you have in your makeup kit.

The saying that nude lips and smokey eyes go well is not completely true, especially if you love to flaunt bold looks. You can try artistic liner with hot pink lips or bronze-based smokey eyes with a tangy red lipstick.

You need not be specific about drawing attention just to either your eyes or your lips. You can concentrate on making them both stand out simultaneously. Drawing attention to just one aspect of your face, say your eyes, and keeping the rest of the face neutral, would give the appearance of unfinished makeup.

• Primer is a must

With so many makeup products, you might just wonder whether using all kinds of products is necessary to achieve a flawless look. One such doubt that you might have is the usage of a primer. Most of the high-end foundations usually come with a built-in primer, so the use of a separate primer is actually not necessary.

• Nail colour and lip colour should match

Makeup wearers have one question in common, whether the nail colour and lip colour should match. With makeup artists, you are always sure to find contradicting answers for this question. However, what you choose to do is completely your call. To give your look an additional pop of colour, you can have a contrasting lip and nail colour.

• Mascara should never be applied to bottom lashes

If you follow this rule, then you are surely not doing justice to your beautiful lower lids. However, if you are worried that applying mascara onto your lower lids will cause them to appear runny, you can hold a tissue under the lower lashes to apply the mascara. Before you begin doing the lower layer, dip a flat eyeliner brush against the wand.

• Never head out of the home without makeup

This is one rule that you should surely break at some point in time. Every individual is naturally beautiful and flaunting your bare face can give you ample confidence. Moreover, having makeup on all the time can cause skin problems. You should allow your skin to breathe well by leaving it makeup free once in a while.

• Always go for expensive makeup products - they are the best

Before you invest in a makeup product, the prime thing to consider is how often you would be using the product and the quantity that you will be receiving for the amount that you are paying for it. A good rule of thumb is that the makeup product that you buy lasts at least 6 months. Investing more in foundation and skincare makes sense sometimes.

It is not necessary that a local makeup brand would not be as good as a designer brand. What matters are the ingredients used. The designer brands tend to be costlier due to the brand name, fragrance, packaging, etc. So, next time you purchase a product, check its make and then decide whether it would be worth to pay extra just for the sake of the brand.

• Concealer should be applied before foundation

Ideally, the opposite would work better. When you apply foundation first, you are automatically covering up a lot of imperfections. This would reduce the number of spots or marks that you would then need to hide using the concealer.

Essential Makeup Tips To Remember

• With makeup, less is more.
• Apply makeup in moderation.
• Use a makeup brush to apply the foundation.
• You can use a bit of powder to make your lipstick last longer.
• A sweep of loose powder on the applied eyeliner will prevent it from melting, especially during summer.
• Keep a blotting paper handy, especially if you sweat too much.
• Use eyeliner and mascara to make your eyes stand out.
• Do not use shimmery blushes if you have large pores or pimples.
• Baby powder can be used to get thicker lashes.

Story first published: Monday, August 20, 2018, 16:30 [IST]
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