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Make Your Lipstick Last Long With These Amazing Tips

Make Your Lipstick Kiss-Proof With These Amazing Tips

There are certain things in life that are best enjoyed for a short period of time and there are certain things that you wish would last for a long time. So, the lifeline of our lipstick falls into the latter category. There are times when you do not get time to reapply our lipsticks when we have a busy work schedule. Our lipsticks tend to go off while eating or drinking and also when you are wearing your favorite outfit, it just tends to transfer it to our clothes.


Well, that's one nightmare because removing it from our favorite clothing would be a task. And let's just face it, no one has the time to for endless touch-ups. Wouldn't you want your lipstick to stay on your lips for a long time without having to reapply it at certain intervals? Today, we have few lipstick hacks which you can try and save a lot of time. Does it sound perfect? Oh, yes, it does. Keep reading and do give it a try and we guarantee you that you will not regret. So, here we go.


1. Exfoliate And Hydrate Your Lips:

If you want to make your lipstick to last long, then you will need to exfoliate and remove any flaky patches that are on your lips. After this, apply a moisturizing lip balm so that your lips remain soft and supple. Lipstick will wear longer on supple and healthier lips.


2. Use A Lip Liner:

Lip liner has a longer staying power because they have a waxier formula which helps the lipstick to cling on to your lips. Lip liner creates a barrier so that your lip color stays in contact with your lips and do not smudge outside your lip. Use a lip pencil closest to your lipstick shade or use a neutral lip liner. A lip liner helps to create depth and also provides good shape to your lips.


3. Use A Lip Primer:

Lip primer provides a base for your lip color to stay on for a long time. It creates a smooth surface for your lipstick and prevents the lipstick from smudging. Lip primer has certain components that helps to increase the longevity of your lipstick.


4. Don’t Forget To Blot:

Blotting is a simple, yet an effective trick. Blotting helps to soak up excess oils and prevents the lipstick from smearing. Apply a thin layer of lipstick all over your lips. Then take a clean tissue paper and tuck it in between your lips and press your lips for a few seconds. Now, apply another layer of the same lipstick.


5. Use A Powder:

After you've applied your favorite lip color, take a tissue paper and gently put it on your lips. Now. take a setting or a translucent powder on a fluffy brush and gently dab it on top of the tissue paper. Remove the tissue paper and apply another coat of your favorite lip color.


6. Try Foundation:

Foundation also works like a lip primer. It also helps to create a smooth canvas for the lipstick to stay on the lips for a long time. You can either use your fingertips or a flat makeup brush to apply your foundation on your lips. If you are using a powder foundation, then apply it using a fluffy powder brush.


7. Use A Long Wearing Lipstick Formula:

Choosing the right lipstick is an important task. Long wearing lipstick contains extra pigment and lesser moisturizing agent, so they tend to last longer than other lip formula. Go for matte or waterproof lipsticks. Do not use glossy and opaque lipsticks as they tend to fade away quickly.


8. Proper Application:

If you want that perfect lips, then make sure you apply your lipstick with a lip brush. Apply your lip color carefully starting from the corner of your lips to the centre to get a well-defined and long-lasting finish.


9. Prevent Smudging:

You can stop your lipstick from bleeding out of your lips with this simple method. Take a small amount of clear brow gel or a concealer pen and line your lips. This will create a barrier for your lipsticks and your lipstick will stay in its place and will last longer.

So, there you go. Now, go ahead and try it out and we guarantee you, you will love it.

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Story first published: Friday, March 2, 2018, 20:00 [IST]
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