Keep Your Makeup Sweat-Proof This Summer With These Makeup Tips

Wearing makeup during hot weather is a painful task because you tend to sweat a lot and your makeup might just slide off from your face if you do not know how to wear it.

If you have a party to attend and you'd want to look good but the high temperature does not let your makeup sit for a long time, so what do we do then?

Makeup Sweat proof

In this article, we will give you a few tips and tricks as to how you can make your makeup sweat-proof during summer. These are simple tips that you will be able to follow easily and will be able to wear your makeup during hot weathers, without letting it slip away from your face.

So, here are eleven tips just for you. Take a look.


1. Proper Base:

If you have a proper base, then your makeup is going to stay on your face for a long period of time. So, use an oil-free moisturizer in the morning and then opt for an oil-free foundation to match with it.


2. Prime It Up:

Most of us tend to skip this step, but the key to long-lasting foundation and makeup is to use a primer. Apply a light-weight, oil-free formula on a moisturized skin before you apply your concealer and foundation.


3. Use The Right Concealer:

Your blemishes and wrinkles do not disappear in hot weather, but your concealer can if you have used the wrong kind. Liquid concealer tends to melt off from your face during hot weather, so the best option would be to pick up a cream formula. Simply dab the concealer on dark circles with your ring finger and then pat it gently to blend it. If you have red spots, then apply it with a small brush.


4. Keep It Light:

The less foundation you wear, the less there is for it to slide off from your face. So, all you need is a dampened makeup sponge because this is a perfect tool to apply your foundation, so that it goes on light and sheer. Add a few drops on a dampened sponge and then swipe it from the center of your face outward in short strokes. Leave it for a minute, so that it can set and then you can apply the rest of your makeup.


5. Opt For Creamy Shadows:

Powder shadows tend to be cakey in hot weather and the sight isn't pretty, you know. So, opt for creamy shadows, the one that contains silicone, as it'll make the colour stay in place.


6. Use A Bronzer:

The main purpose of a bronzer is to make the eyes look brighter and the teeth whiter. It adds warmth to the skin. So, apply a bronzer in the areas where the sun hits you, like the forehead, chin, nose, and cheekbones. You can use powder bronzers, as it is easier to apply. If you wear your hair up or have a short hair, then apply a little amount of bronzer on your neck and earlobes as well.


7. Opt For Sheer:

If you use rich, deep colours all the time, then try not to use it during summer because they can look heavy on your face. You'll need to lighten up your look. So, opt for sheer lip colours and eye colours. Use a lip liner if you want extra definition, but opt for nude lip shade. Lip liners will help you stop your lip colours from bleeding and also sheer colours will definitely look good during hot weather.


8. Say No To Powder Blush:

The main purpose of a blush is to add balance to any look. Powder blush might get cakey on your face during the hot weather. So, use a gel blush or a blush stain, as these formulas have a long lifespan in hot weather. If you want it to stay for a longer period of time, then just dust the setting powder on top of it.


9. Use A Blotting Paper:

Some of us have oily skin, some have dry skin and some have combination skin. So, for women with oily skin and combination skin, blotting paper is a must. To eliminate unsightly shine from your face, just press a piece of blotting paper over the areas where you see excess oil and then with the help of a makeup brush, sweep a little bit of pressed powder.


10. No Matte:

Keep your heavy matte lipsticks away and opt for lip stains. Lip stains have a long-lasting formula and these give a sheer coverage. The other lovely benefit is that you can always add a lip balm on top of it without having to worry about smudging. For summery look, go for peach, nude, shades of pink, etc.


11. Carry Necessary Items In Your Purse:

Your skin tends to become oily during summer, so if you want to be photo-ready all the time, then make sure you carry blotting papers, so that you can whisk away the sweat and oil from your skin and make your skin look fresh and photo-ready.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, March 27, 2018, 20:00 [IST]
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