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How To Select The Right Makeup For Dark Skin Tone

By Mamta Khati

Before cosmetic industries mostly focused on fair-skinned complexions, leaving women with dark-skinned tones with only a few resources.

The foundations and powders that were available before, left the women with dark skin with an ashy undertone. However, slowly, cosmetic industries came up with all kinds of products catering to women with all skin tones, no matter how light or dark the skin is.

Makeup that looks good on light skin may not look good on dark skin. One of the biggest challenges women with dark skin often face is getting their makeup to stand out. But thankfully, the cosmetic industries have started to pay a lot of attention to women with deeper skin tones and have a variety of products to choose from for them as well.

There might have been many instances where women with dark skin tones have often tried products that didn't match up to their skin tones. Or even after spending so much of time on makeup, your work doesn't even come close to what you have thought.

Well, don't be disheartened because, in this article, you will be clear as to what colour will suit your skin tone the best. Let's take a look:


1.Working With Your Undertones:

The key to finding the right makeup depends entirely on your undertones. Choosing the right foundation for dark skin can be a challenging job, as most brands offer two or more colours that look the same. There are three types of undertones: warm, cool, and neutral.

Now what does that mean? Beneath your skin tones lies a mild hue of one of the following undertones. These are as follows:

  • Warm: Peachy, yellow, and golden undertone.
  • Cool: Red, pink, and blue undertone.
  • Neutral: Mixture of the above-mentioned colours.

If you are not sure about your undertones, we will help you.

  • White And Cream Test: Take one white coloured towel and one cream coloured towel. Make sure you do not apply any makeup while doing this. Hold the white coloured towel against your face and see if the colour compliments you.

If it does, then you have a warm undertone. Do the same with the cream-coloured towel. If the cream colour suits you, then you have a cool undertone. If both of them match your skin tone, then you're neutral.

  • Colours Of Your Veins: If your veins on your wrists are green, then you have warm undertones. If it's blue, then you have cool undertones. If you feel that your veins look blue-green, then you have neutral undertones.
  • Silver Or Gold: Try wearing both gold and silver. If you feel that you look good in gold, then you have warm undertones. If you look good in silver, then you have cool undertones.
  • Colours That Compliments You: Try wearing different coloured clothes that you have in your closet. If blue, purple, green, emerald green, etc., look good on you, then you have cool undertones. If red, orange, yellow, and olive green look best on you, then you have warm undertones. If any of the colours look good on you, then you have neutral undertones.

2.Choose Your Foundation:

Once you know your skin's undertone, it will be easier for you to choose the right kind of foundation. Apply a small amount of the foundation on your face, but do keep in mind the colour of your whole body because the colour of your foundation should match your body. To make sure you get a perfect match, test two to three shades of foundation along with the other. Wait for sometime and then decide which colour will best suit your skin tone the best.


3.Choose Your Blush:

For dark skin tones, deep mauve, orange, or cranberry looks good. But don't be scared to try bold colours as well. If you have warm undertones, then bright fuchsia will look good. But if you have cool undertones, then go for tangerine.


4.Eyeshadow Shades:

Any rich shades will make your eyes look beautiful. Shades like bright blue, purple, emerald green, deep burgundy, etc., will compliment your skin tone, while bronze and gold make your skin warm and brighten your eyes. Avoid white, off-white, pale or frosty colours, as this will make your skin look dry and dull. If you love matte finish, then opt for neutral colours like chocolate or nude.


5.Rock That Bronzer:

A sun-kissed glow works for all skin tones. Bronzer will highlight and enhance your skin tone. Opt for a neutral shade and apply it on your temple, forehead, and upper cheekbone areas for a warm complexion.


6.Lipstick Colours:

Glossy pink or violet colours will give your lips a fresh look, while bold matte colours and berry hues will instantly warm your complexion. If you have warm undertones, then you will look beautiful in peach, orangey-red, and shades of brown. If you have cool undertones, then purple, pink, red with blue undertones will be the best option for you.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 30, 2018, 10:05 [IST]
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