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How To Dress Up For Maha Shivratri: The Women’s Way

By Shatavisha

We all know the festival of Shivratri is one that is exclusively meant for women. It is on this day that they fast the entire day and participate in merry making at night. The merry making involves singing bhajans and dancing to shouting of chants in praise of Lord Shiva. Doing so is said to bless unmarried girls with ideal husbands just like Lord Shiva himself. In the case of married women, keeping the day long fast and participating in the festivities that follow is said to ensure a long life to for beloved husbands.

Thus, as is evident from the length of the fast, the difficulty of the same is great. There are times during the fast when you will be burdened with pangs of hunger and thirst. At times like this, the least that you can do is to dress up comfortably so that the effect of all that discomfort is reduced as much as possible.'

However, since this is a festival, you cannot be overtly casual about the same. It is an Indian society that we are talking about and being overtly casual will make people judge you about the same. Thus it is all the way more important to be able to draw a line between dressing up very heavily (and being overtly uncomfortable about the same) and being too simple (and inviting the judgemental eyes of the society).


Do Not Wear Heels

Since you are going for a fast for such a long duration, it is inevitable that you will be facing occasional bouts of dizziness. In such a situation wearing of high heels may result in you spraining your legs or something that is even more dangerous. That is why it is a good practice to wear comfortable footwear on this day. Even if you claim that you are comfortable in heels, try to avoid wearing the same.


Go For Light Make Up

Since this festival occurs in the middle of February, the effect of winter does not fade completely. Hence going for heavy makeup will only make your skin dry. Since the festivities will last for quite some time, it is important that the makeup is durable and does not fade easily.


The Heavy Pallu

Opting for a light churridar or kurti is a good idea. The only thing that you need to bear in mind here is the colour of the churridar that you are wearing. Make sure that it is not too dull. Teaming up this sort of simple clothing with something that has a lot of embroidery or sequin work is a good idea. In such a situation nothing works as well as that of a heavy pallu dupatta.


Going Western

If you are somebody who is comfortable with western wear and that is what you wear on a normal day there is no reason that you should shun the same on Maha Shivratri. The only thing that you must make sure is that your dress is not vulgar and you are not exposing too much. This may offend the elders in your place.


The Classic Saree

The most ideal dress that one can don is the five yards of grace, that is, the saree. This is all the way truer in the case of married women who intend to keep the fast. Indeed there is nothing more elegant than a saree.


Experimenting With Styles

For women who are wearing the saree, there are many looks that they can try. They can choose the look based on their body shape. Based on their body shape, a pear bodied woman can go for a classical saree draping while someone who is a little on the heavier side can go for that of the Gujarati style. If you are a heavy chested person, the Bengali style of draping is something you can always opt for.



Wearing glass bangles that match the colour of the fabric that you are wearing can never go out of style. Married woman can go for gold bangles as well. The elegance of the same remains unhindered. However, try to keep away from diamonds as they can make you look over dressed. If you are not married, wearing of a light bracelet on one hand and an elegant watch on the other is also a good idea.


Mang Tika

This is a very important topic and must be given due attention. Wear this if and only if you are married. Even if you are engaged or soon to be married, make sure that you keep away from this. The only thing that a mang tika complements is the sindoor. So if you have no intention of wearing that, make sure you keep away from this as well.



It is true that wearing of heavy earrings is a good idea considering the festivity that is involved. However, you being comfortable is more important. Thus if you are used to wearing light weight jewellery, there is no reason for you to force yourself to put on really heavy earrings. However if you think that you are comfortable with the same, nothing should stop you from showing off your priced collection.


Neck Piece

If you are married, make sure that you put on your mangalsutra. No other piece of jewellery will be needed for you. In case you are not married, you can opt for a light neckpiece. Make sure this is not too heavy. Wearing of a neck piece is totally optional for unmarried woman. In fact, if you are confused about whether to wear a neck piece or not, the things that will help you make this decision is the fact whether the neckline of you dresses is heavy or not. In case it is, you do not need to wear anything else. If it isn't, a cool neck piece will do the trick.

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Wearing of a silver anklet is encouraged for Maha Shivratri. A silver anklet is not really heavy, so it will not be uncomfortable for you, but at the same time it will add to your elegance and complete your look. This is one piece of jewellery that you can opt for irrespective of your marital status.

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Story first published: Monday, February 12, 2018, 18:00 [IST]