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How To Increase The Lifespan Of Your Cosmetics?

By Amrutha

For every girl, her make-up products/cosmetics are very precious. So throwing away unused cosmetics and negligence in taking care of make-up products are unacceptable. In this article, we will tell you how to extend the life of your cosmetics by following some basic and simple hacks.

Apart from buying those expensive products, maintaining them is also important. Keeping your cosmetics clean can actually help in extending the lifespan of the product or until the product approaches its expiry date.

So let us have a look at some hacks to keep your cosmetics clean and hygienic. Read on!

Keep It Clean

Keeping your tools clean is the first and basic thing to do. By tools we mean the make-up brushes you use. Be it your foundation brush, flat brush or any kind of brush, you need to clean them on a regular basis. You can do this at least once in a week to keep away the bacteria and germs.

How To Clean Make-up Brushes?

In addition to that, wash your hands thoroughly before you start applying make-up so that your cosmetics are not contaminated.

Do Not Store Your Make-up Products In the Bathroom

If you have the habit of keeping your cosmetics in the bathroom, then it's high time you should stop doing that. This is because hot water can cause these make-up products to melt. So it is always recommended to keep your cosmetics in a cool and dry place where there is less humidity especially for products like kajal or eye pencil.

Stop Sharing Your Make-up

At times of emergency, we all tend to use the cosmetics and make-up brushes of our friends. But this is a big no-no. Apart from cross-contaminating the cosmetics, sharing them can lead to skin problems as well.

Choose Tubes Rather Than Containers

Your foundations and lotions that are packed in jars and tubs can spread bacteria and infections faster due to constant contact with fingers. Cosmetics in tubes are not only easy to apply but it also helps in keeping the bacteria away. While using you just have to squeeze in a small quantity of this and then the rest of it is free from germs and bacteria.

Be Careful When You Use The Lipstick

Always make sure that you wipe the surface of the lipstick before you apply it. This will help you in removing any kind of dirt or germs from the surface of the used lipsticks. Do this every time you are going to apply lipstick to keep both your lips and lipstick away from the germs.

Do Not Forget To Tighten The Lids

This is one of the basic tips to protect your cosmetics from being exposed to bacteria and other germs. Whenever we are in a hurry we tend to leave the lids of the cosmetics open. Doing so will invite the bacteria and other germs which will further cause skin damage. Apart from that when you expose the cosmetics in the air it makes our cosmetics dry and difficult to use.

A Word Of Caution - Check The Expiry

Throwing away your cosmetics is in a way heartbreaking. But using those beyond the expiry date might be dangerous for the skin. So it's important to check the expiry date of the make-up products. You can also recognise whether your cosmetics have expired if you find a change in both its texture or the way it smells.

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