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Eyebrow slits: What Are They & How To Do It?

Has anyone of you ever experienced this - you go to a salon for getting your eyebrows done. The salon stylist starts shaping your brows and suddenly she mistakenly slits one of your brows? How painful will that be? And, forget pain -image how would your face look after such a blunder! Scary, isn't it? But hey, there is something new that has recently taken Instagram by the storm. And, do you know what the thing is? Well, it is eyebrow slits.

Yes, you read it right! Eyebrow slits - meaning getting a slit done in your eyebrows - is a new thing now and is no more a topic of concern. Who would have guessed that a thing which was a beauty blunder at a time would at one point become an internet trend. But what exactly are these eyebrow slits?

How To Do Eyebrow Slits?

Materials required

  • An electric clipper / razor
  • Scotch tape
  • Tweezers
  • Moisturiser or a eyebrow gel

How to do

  • Before you begin with eyebrow slits, ensure that you have done your brows and removed any extras.
  • Next, begin with marking the area where you want the slits to be done. Make sure that you think twice before you make a decision as it cannot be reversed after doing the slits.
  • Once you choose the place where you would want the slits to be, mark it with a white pencil eyeliner. While doing do, make two vertical lines (the exact way the slits will look). This will ensure that you do the slits with precision and accuracy.
  • Next, take the scotch tape and stick it on both sides of the marking by only leaving a small gap between those lines. Now, this is exactly where you would be having those slits. These tapes will stay in place until you make those slits and at the same till they will ensure that you make no mistakes while making the slits.
  • Now, take an electric clipper or a razor and shave the hair between those two tapes carefully. Ensure that you are not distracted by anything or are not doing any other task while doing eyebrow slits and are completely focused on what you are doing. It will help you to do the slit with perfection. You can do one or two slits depending on your choice. The procedure is the same for one or two slits.
  • Once you have shaved the selected area, carefully remove the tapes and while doing to ensure that you do not pull your eyebrow hair.
  • Now, use a wet cloth to wipe the eyebrow in order to remove the eyeliner marks that you had made in the initial stage.
  • Also, in case if you have missed one or two strands or hair while shaving, you can remove them gently with the help of tweezers.
  • Once done, take some moisturiser or eyebrow gel and gently apply it on your brows. Your eyebrow slits are done perfectly.

Note: Although eyebrow slits can be done at home, it is advised that you take professional help to do it to avoid any mistakes.

Precautions To Be Taken While Considering Eyebrow Slits

  • Since your eyebrows tend to grow after a few weeks, it is possible that your eyebrow slits will too show some hair strands growing after some days. And, if you are considering picking out hair strands, remember that doing so can lead to permanent alopecia - meaning sudden hair loss or baldness.
  • Now, if you want to go for eyebrow slits without having the risk of alopecia, you can always go for the ones that are created using make-up. You can contact your salon stylist for further details on how to use make-up to create eyebrow slits.

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Story first published: Saturday, November 24, 2018, 10:00 [IST]
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