6 Natural Tips To Look Beautiful Without Makeup Every Morning

Some people just don't like wearing makeup in the morning or they might not get the time to. In our daily morning routines, we often get no time to focus on our makeup. But it's important for all of us to look presentable when we step out of our doors, isn't it?

Of course, we all love to experiment with our looks by trying out different makeup tips. We all would want to try those different shades of lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow, etc.

How to look beautiful without makeup

However, it's not necessary that we have to apply makeup in order to look presentable. Yes, you read that right! One can look beautiful naturally even without applying any makeup on their face.

The tips that we are going to see here, are specifically for the mornings, when we are out of time to do any makeup. Let's see some of the natural and simple tips to look fabulous without makeup.


Step 1: Exfoliate Your Lips With A Toothbrush

Let us start with the basic step. When you get up in the morning and brush your teeth, go ahead and exfoliate your lips using the toothbrush. Gently rub your lips with your toothbrush. This makes sure that all your dry skin on the lips is completely gone. Keep it in mind to rub your lips gently.


Step 2: Exfoliate Your Skin Using A Gentle Scrub

This step makes your skin look fresh, natural and clean. Skin exfoliation helps to remove the dead skin cells from your face. You can do this with a gentle scrub on your face. Massage your face gently with a scrub. You can also use a face massager or brush to do so.


Step 3: Make Your Skin Look Brighter

This is one of the most important steps. Go ahead by tapping very gently on your face. You can even pull your cheeks gently. This helps in increasing the blood circulation, thus helping in making your skin look brighter and fresh.


Step 4: Apply A Moisturizer

It is very important to moisturize your skin whether you're wearing any makeup or not. You can apply your usual moisturizer and gently press it on the skin, so that it gets absorbed completely on your skin. You can even use a normal lip balm to moisturize your lips.


Step 5: Polish Your Eyebrows

This step is very important if you are not applying makeup. Just make sure that you groom your eyebrows before stepping out. After grooming, brush your eyebrows upwards to make it look more polished.


Step 6: Curl Your Eyelashes

Since these are makeup tips to look beautiful naturally, we cannot use a mascara. Your eyelash curler comes in handy in this situation. Curl your eyelashes with your eyelash curler and you can see a huge difference. Curl them twice in order to get better results.

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    Story first published: Friday, March 9, 2018, 14:30 [IST]
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