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Tips To Apply The Perfect Matte Lipstick

How to apply Matte Lipstick PERFECTLY; Watch here | ऐसे लगाएं MATTE लिपस्टिक | Boldsky

Not always do women want glossy plumped lips, so that is where the role of a matte lipstick comes in. Lighter in appearance, this one is elegant to the eyes and exposes the shape of the lips.

Thus, it is very important that the matte lipstick is rightly lined, according to the shape of the lips. If during matte lipstick application, the lip colour spreads beyond the geography of the lips, then that can be a huge makeup blunder.

Restricting to the lip boundary and yet appling an even coat of the matte lipstick is important. Reputed lip colour brands have a distinct matte lipstick collection.

However, lipstick alone cannot steal the show. Along with a good colour and brand of matte lipstick, you need to abide by the following, in order to embrace the matte lipstick look on yourself with style and grace.


Create A Matte Lipstick Base

The first trick for a good matte lipstick application is, an even base. If you drag your lip colour on cracked lips and expect a miracle, then it wouldn't work an inch. The remedy is creating a perfect matte lipstick base. To create a matte lipstick base, you have to do the following:

a) Scrub your lips using an old dry toothbrush. Your scrubber can be a mix of sugar and honey or sugar and olive oil.

b) When done with the lip scrubbing, apply your favourite lip balm or coocnut oil on your lips. You have to wait until this completely soaks in.


Pigment Your Lips

You have to pigment your lips that is, conceal its real colour. Those with very fair complexion do not need to follow this. But if you think your lips are dark or has stains, then this step is a must.

a) You will need a droplet of foundation or concealer.

b) Even coat the foundation or concealer on your lips from center to corner.

c) Extra application of foundation is a makeup blunder and thus, ensure you take only one droplet of it.


Start Off With The Lip Liner

Many skip the lip liner bit, but lip liner alone can make your lips appear more rich and intense. Lip liner should be at par with the colour of your lipstick.

a) First, make dots along your lip line using the liner.

b) Join the lip dots with the lip liner, so that you can map out where you will exactly apply the matte lipstick.

c) This step is very important, as it determines the shape of your lips.


For A Long-lasting Matte Lipstick Effect

If you want your matte lipstick to stay on your lips for long, then after lining your lip, you will have a stage of brushing the lips using a fat makeup brush and a transluscent powder. You will also need a tissue paper.

a) Hold the tissue paper against your lips.

b) Take a hefty portion of the powder on the brush and apply it on the tissue, such that the powder rubs against your lips.

c) After this, apply your matte lipstick, and it will surely be on your lips really, really long.


Applying The Matte Lipstick

In this step, you will need two cosmetic products - lipstick (matte colour only) and blotting paper.

a) Apply the first coat of lipstick and wait for 3-5 minutes.

b) Blot out your lips and then apply the second coat of matte lipstick.

c) Those who double coat the lipstick and then blot it out, are actually wrong. In the right application technique, blotting is an intermediate process between each coat of lipstick you apply.


Add Volume To Your Lips

Matte lipstick does not add to your pout or volume. So if your lips are thin, then you have to put that extra effort to plump your lips.

a) Just apply a drop of a powder highlighter on your lower lips. This will add volume to your lips and help plump it up.

b) Dab the highlighter all over the lower lips with the tip of your index finger. Do not use a makeup brush for this step.


Break The Lipstick Rule

One fundamental lipstick rule that all women follow is, rubbing the lips against each other after applying the lip colour. This is a mandatory no-no when you opt for a matte lipstick.

a) In case of a matte lipstick colour, you can instead use a synthetic lip brush to ensure that the matte lip colour spreads to all the sides and portions of your lips.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 4, 2017, 12:07 [IST]
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