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Tried And Tested Tips For Dark Mehendi, This Karva Chauth 2017

Whether it's your first Karva Chauth or the silver jubilee one, this one day of the year is indeed special, as it is meant for the love of your life. Karva Chauth repeats every year but has its own signficance and importance for married couples.

 Tips For Dark Mehendi

From fasting to decking up for Karva Chauth and doing the puja for their husbands, women plan every bit of Karva Chauth in the best way possible.

In the Karva Chauth planning of every married woman, a key role is played by the mehendi. On this occasion, women decorate their palms and feet with beautiful mehendi designs as an addition to their decking up.

The mehendi for Karva Chauth is special, as it includes the first alphabet of the husband's name and also highlights the hands and feet of the woman when she performs rituals. Some Indian wives accept that their husbands also love mehendi designs on the wives.

So, if you are planning a wonderful celebration of Karva Chauth this year and mehendi is in your to-do list, then this article is a must read from Boldsky. We present to you the pre and post-mehendi application tips that you've got to follow in order to get dark mehendi colours this time.

These pre and post-mehendi application tips and tricks are tried and tested and promise bright colours on the hands and feet, if followed diligantly.

Pre-Mehendi Application Tip: Air Dry Or Naturally Dry Your Mehendi

In a hurry to dry their mehendi quickly, some women use their hair dryers or fans to quicken the process. This method can spoil your mehendi colour.
After applying, women need to patiently wait as the mehendi dries off on its own. During this span, extra hand or feet movement spoils the mehendi design.

Pre-Mehendi Application Tip: Start The Mehendi Application With A Hand Wash

Applying mehendi on dirty hands or feet is extremely unruly and can lead to skin infections.
The remedy is, wash your hands before applying the mehendi atleast 30 minutes before. First, towel dry your hands. Next, wait till your hands completely dry off. Amidst drying hands and mehendi application, do not apply creams, lotions or oils on your palms or feet. So, having dry hands and feet (washed with water) is a primary requisite for dark mehendi this Karva Chauth.

Pre-Mehendi Application Tip: Count On One Essential Oil

Applying an essential oil before mehendi application can make your mehendi colour turn dark this Karva Chauth. The essential oil that you have to use for this purpose is eucalyptus oil. Take three droplets of the eucalyptus oil on both your washed dried palms and massage for five minutes. This makes your skin be prepared for the mehendi application and also it adds to the colour. After applying the eucalyptus oil, wait 15 minutes before you start applying mehendi.

Pre-Mehendi Application Tip: Reserve Enough Time For The Mehendi Application

One of the reasons why mehendi colour does not turn out the way we want to is, we do not spend enough time on it. Mehendi application should be done patiently, such that the design is perfect and none of the listed to-dos are missed. You have to spend time on your mehendi application to make it appear stunning, dark and gorgeous.

Pre-Mehendi Application Tip: Go In For Beauty Treatments Prior To The Mehendi Application

Other than mehendi, women also plan other skin beauty treatments like waxing, manicure or pedicure before Karva Chauth. Ladies, do all your salon treatments and keep mehendi at the end. Mehendi should be applied when your skin is completely ready and atleast two days before the ceremony of Karva Chauth.

Pre-Mehendi Application Tip: Count On The Natural Henna Powder

Women often rely on salons or stationery stores, where cheap mehendi cones are sold before Karva Chauth. These mehendi cones are prepared with chemicals, which not only hamper the colour of the mehendi but also infect your skin. The right way to pick your mehendi is opting for a natural henna or mehendi powder that promises a dark brown colour. To your henna or mehendi powder, do add eucalyptus oil, sugar, tea leaves and tamarind extract. Combining these ensures a dark mehendi colour during Karva Chauth.

Pre-Mehendi Application Tip: Control Your Fluid Intake

Yes, this may sound a little weird but your water consumption before the mehendi application determines the colour of your mehendi. Not that you have to drink really less, but drink as much as required. Over drinking spoils the mehendi colour and thus, count on your fluid consumption to get a dark mehendi colour, this Karva Chauth.

Post-Mehendi Application Tips : Apply Balm Or Oil

Along with pre-mehendi application to-dos, there are post-mehendi rituals that you must follow as well. In the post-mehendi ritual, first, dry the mehendi and then you can simply massage the area with a balm. The balm alone accentuates the colour of your mehendi, making it dark and bright before Karva Chauth.

Post-Mehendi Application Tips : Lemon & Sugar

The next natural remedy to get a dark mehendi colour this Karva Chauth is, preparing a mix of lemon and sugar. The sugar should not melt. Apply a thick coat of this lemon-sugar mix on dried mehendi and its colour will surely be dark brown.

Post-Mehendi Application Tips : Protect Your Mehendi With A Foil Paper

One common confusion that women face is how to protect the mehendi all night long. If you can keep your mehendi away from water and all the daily activities all night long, then the colour surely darkens, making it appear very elegant. Here the solution is, wrapping your hands with a foil paper after the mehendi dries up and is scraped off. The foil paper adds to the mehendi colour.

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