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10 Kinds Of Face Makeup Essentials For Every Indian Bride

By Kripa Chowdhury

The most attention-driven body part for any bride is her face. When it comes to Indian brides, on their face, there is so much. From bindi to floral work to the maangtika - their face is so decked up.

But all of these are extra accessories put on the face of an Indian bride. These accessories look stunning and seek attention from others when right beneath there is a correct layer of face makeup. The ideal face makeup for Indian brides is important not only because so many people see it - but that is one of the key factors that determines her looks.

To do this face base makeup on the wedding day, professional makeup artists can be hired or the same can be done by the bride herself with the help from friends and relatives. Whoever does the face makeup, it is very important that the bride has the right range of beauty products to get her face makeup perfectly done.

With so many international brands coming in the Indian market, it is not easy to make an optimum choice and buy the right range of essential face makeup. Heading to the store, the salesperson tries to advocate their own brands; while at online stores, the variety confuses the would-be bride.

So, how to sort this?

Well, here is a list of face makeup essentials that every Indian bride can pick, in order to awestruck the guests and groom on the wedding day.

So, while buying this range of face cosmetics for brides-to-be, just pick the right brands and colours (depending on the skin tone) and none can stop the bride from being the center of attention.



One of the basics to buy among face makeup essentials for Indian brides is a foundation. The bride must have used foundation before her wedding. Check that you buy the foundation one tone lesser than what you need to be followed by, the liquid ones that are easy to apply and match with the face. Some foundations come with SPF tag and it is suggested to go for those, as it adds sunscreen protection as well.



Your face might be flawless; but what if you get a last moment pimple? Or, may be you have started to treat your dark circles; but they don't get cured by the wedding. Well, for those imperfections on the bride's face to get corrected, comes in the role of a concealer. This too requires skin tone matching and is available in four kinds - stick, liquid, paste, and powder. Application of concealer is very strategic and a few strokes of it can make a big difference. So, among the essential face makeup for Indian brides, do not miss the concealer and make sure to apply it rightfully on the face on the D-day.


Compact Powder

Compact powder, one of the face cosmetics for brides that has been existing since your mother and grand moms, is a must have. The purpose of having a compact powder is to give your face a finishing touch. Also, compacts can be used to mattify your lip colour and to set your mascara. In doing all the possible use of compact, ensure brides opt for the right way of applying it or seek expert help.



Bronzer is the secret formula for an instant healthy look on the bride's face. Belonging to the must-buy face cosmetics for the brides' category, this one also needs to be picked based on the bride's skin tone. Opt for bronzers that add a sheer, matte and light texture to the bride's looks and apply it only on the high planes of her face.



In the face makeup range for Indian brides, primer is also a must buy. When the bride spends so much time to get her face look good, she has to behold the same for long hours. The wedding rituals, the constant guests, the photo sessions, etc., should not make the bride look dull or nasty. Hence, to make the bride's makeup stay for long hours, primer becomes an essential face makeup for Indian brides.


Cream Or Moisturizer

All renowned makeup artists suggest beginning face makeup regimen with a thick cream or moisturizer. Though the first layer of cream or moisturizer does not effect the final look, it keeps the bride's face hydrated till the makeup is removed. Do not over apply the cream or moisturizer, as it can hamper the looks but don't miss to buy it either. Creams or moisturizers are of great help when the bride takes off her makeup and is in the rest mode, to relax and pamper the skin.


Loose Powder

Remember your mamma applying a thick quote of powder on your face right before your school stage performance or face dress competition? Since then till now, the role of powder has been the same - to add an extra glow on to the face of the bride. In powder, there are two types - pressed and loose. While the first one is for touch-ups, the loose one is to add a nice spark on to the bride's face at one go. Loose powder is applied at the end of the makeup session, so that it lasts long on the compact.



Very few strokes of blush can create wonders on the brides' look and hence it falls under the list of essential face makeup items for Indian brides. Blush brightens the face and intensifies the makeup on the bride's face. Blush comes in different colours; and the bride has to pick according to her attire. Yet, for safety, try keeping an entire blush palette, so that in case you change your wedding attire, the blush would still have a purpose to sort. When buying the blush, ensure you get the right brush as well.


CC Cream

CC or colour correcting creams are also among must-buy face cosmetics for brides. In case of makeup creams, there are two other options - BB and DD. The Indian brides should go for CC for it's subtle and can be later used in daily life. Coming in a handy tube, brides can keep this makeup essential in their handbags and apply it whenever required. CC creams are known for treating minor skin problems like sallowness, zits, wrinkles, dryness, redness, discolouration and patchiness. The best part is, CC creams can be applied with hands and only two drops of it can do the miracle.



Want to add some radiance to your bridal look? Go and get an illuminator. The liquid illuminator is best to buy and should be applied right after the foundation. There is a trick to apply the illuminator. With the right amount in hand, sit in front of the mirror and smile, now apply the illuminator on top of your cheek bones and a little down on the bridge of your nose. Applying an illuminator on the nose makes it look sharper, only if you can blend it right.

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Story first published: Friday, June 16, 2017, 16:00 [IST]
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