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Ten Essentials Of Makeup That Every 18-Year-Old Must Own

Once you step on to the eighteenth year of your life, you are an adult all set to decide your needs and essentials. Women at eighteen definitely starts paying a lot of attention to their makeup collection and the world of makeup awaits with open hands to welcome them.
Huge collection of makeup brands, their versatile variety of each product altogether mesmerizes the young 18-year-old lady, who gets so confused where to start from.
Calm down, ladies!

Observing this constant dilemma specially among the eighteen-year-old as they step on to makeup stores or browse makeup products online, we decided to sort the problem.
We offer only for the just 18 women a list of makeup products that they must own. These makeup products are essentials that enter the makeup kit at this stage of life and continues forever.
So here is listing for every 18 year old fashionista woman, a list of ten commandments of makeup products that they must own. Start from one, and you can add more to your collection depending on the different brands, matching your wardrobe and so on.

Also, as you are at the very initial stage of your makeup world, please note after getting all these ten commandments of makeup and after every time you use them, you have to equally take care to preserve your makeup products such that you can use them for long.
Presenting for every 18-year-old woman the ten commandments of makeup, that they must own.



One of the makeup basics that by now you might have used ones from your mums or sisters makeup kit is foundation. Foundation comes in different forms like pressed powder or liquid. Pick the foundation that suits your skin type and has a SPF quotient. Please note, though foundation is an elementary makeup essential but you don't apply it at first.



Its not at 18th only. Its neither only with you. The skin gives up and pimples, acnes, burns, wounds, scars and so on become a nightmare during makeup sessions. To hide them into the layers of your makeup and make your skin appear flawless, you need to buy a good concealer. Concealer should be bought in par with your skin tone and colour of the foundation.



One important reason for your makeup is of course to add a camera friendly look. This camera friendly factor is added by a bronzer that you can apply on face, neck and skin. Bronzer, a soft kind of powder adds perfection and dimension to the skin accentuating its original texture. Always go for a bronzer that is dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.


Nail Polish

It is not that ladies start applying nail polish at the age of 18. But till now, may be it was nail colours that mothers, grannies or aunts in the house wore. Now, its time for you to walk into makeup stores and get nail paints on par with your complexion and clothes. When buying the nail polish, do not miss to buy the nail polish remover which will allow you to switch your nail colours often and also help you to maintain good nail enamel.



While your entire face has a tonne similar skin colour makeup, the blush helps to highlight the perimeter of your face. Perimeter implies those parts of the face that get direct sunlight that is, the jawline, forehead, and cheeks. You should apply blush in contrast with the rest of your makeup tone and also on par with the colour of your clothes.


Eye Pencil

One of the key roles during makeup is played by the eyes and dear ladies, be very picky while buying your eye makeup. One wrong eye makeup can end you at the doctor's chamber. For eye makeup always by the ophthalmologically tested ones. Under the bracket of eye makeup, you must own kohl/kajal, eyeliner, and mascara. There are some particular eye brushes available that you can count on for highlighting your eyes from the rest of the makeup.



Eyeshadow is a platter of colours that you can apply on your upper eyelid. This makes the eyes speak for you. Pick the eyeshadow colour based on the colour of your clothes. There are techniques to apply the eyeshadow perfectly, which you have to master before attempting to use it daily. To apply an eyeshadow, you can use the eyeshadow brush or simply your fingertips.


Makeup Remover

After catching all the attention with your makeup, when you get back home, ensure you remove all of your makeup. Women who do not clean their makeup every day, and end up complaining of critical skin problems. Thus, a makeup remover is a must own for every 18-year-old gairl that reduces the task of cleansing, toning and so on into just one step.


Hair Styling Accessories

When do you so much makeup on your skin, face, and eyes; what about the hair? Of course, your hair needs extra attention and for that, you need hair styling accessories. In the makeup store, the collection of hair styling accessories will boggle you. The must own essentials in this category are a hair brush, wide-toothed wooden hair comb, hair clips, bobby pins, hair bands, hair clutches, curlers, straighteners, scrunchies and more.



From the cute baby powder smell, it is time to switch to a tantalizing body perfume that signals your arrival to others. Neither can you repeat the same perfume every day and thus, you must keep on buying perfumes and also keep switching among them. There are ways to preserve your perfumes for long and ensure you follow the right track for that.

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