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Summer Makeup Trends 2017

By: Sindhuja Shekhawat

The season to sizzle is here and brings with it new looks to capture its essence. Summer 2017 is all about clear, dewy skin combined with subtle bright pop.

All the looks seen on prominent runways this season were in harmony with the warmth of summer breeze and the brightness of summer sun.


Summer Makeup Trends 2017

These reinvented looks were derived in part from resort fashion and in part from the 80s retro era.
Here is a summary of makeup trends of 'Summer 2017'. Take a look.



Bright and bold colours are trending this season. Eyeliner has been mostly omitted or used barely. The focus is on bright clear-looking eyes. Often, shadow has been used under the eye as well.

Smudged eyeshadow is being preferred over layers and placed looks this summer 2017. The boldly lined eye is out and soft bare eyes with a pop of colour are the in thing.



Clean edged brows take a backseat this season, as natural eyebrows make a comeback. Close to natural brow shapes, filled richly, are being spotted frequently on the runways. Squared-off brows are a strict no-no this season. Instead, go for natural arches that give a childlike look.



Bright shades and white toned nude shades are the hot sellers this season. Use of lipsticks as a blush is also quite in. Creamy mattes and satin textures are in demand. Shimmer glosses are back.

The looks are seen transitioning from matte to dewy this summer. Latest lipstick trend is the glitter lip. It combines a creamy lipstick topped with a bright shimmer.



Emphasis is on a clean dewy face, therefore, pastel bright shades are blushes of choice. Blushes are being used to achieve that 80s flushed look. Blush is being used on cheeks and on the temples with a luminous highlighter, in order to achieve that ethereal aesthetic feel.

Draping is a popular technique being used by makeup artists to create a natural glow. It is basically done by using blush in place of a contouring product. Shades that are in season would have to be pink and peach. Blue-toned blushes are to be avoided.



Clean look as mentioned earlier is being preferred this season, which is achieved by using light-to-medium coverage foundations; preferably those which give a silky texture. Strobing continues to be popular among the leading fashion labels.

For those who are new to the term, strobing is done by using a highlighting product on the prominent features of the face, where the light is likely to bounce off. Contouring is usually omitted when strobing because one undermines the other.



Bright naturally shaped nails are what fashion world is going for this season, as it is all about achieving that naturally divine look this summer. Colours like pastel orange, coral pink, shiny nudes, light blue, mint, and green are recommended.

All in all, a burst of colour around the eyes and on the lips combined with a dewy face is the makeup look to go after this summer 2017. Bring out your bright side this summer and play with the colours.

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