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Stepwise Guide For Cat Eye Makeup

Cat eye makeup is dominated by the eyeliner yet requires other beauty products for that perfect diva look. In the cat eye makeup, the eyeliner must start very thin from the nasal corner of the eye and move out towards the ears.

The sides of the eyeliner that are out or extended beyond the eyes are the highlight of cat eye makeup. The length of how much the eyeliner will pop out from the eyes depends on the one applying it.

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Also, the broadness or thickness of the eyeliner is dependent on a girl's looks and choices. However, when going for a cat eye makeup, the more you make the liner go out and make it prominent - the more appealing it looks.

Now, if that is a lot of information about a cat eyeliner makeup and you want to try it now, then here is a step-by-step guide that will help you out.

Simply follow these steps to do a perfect cat eye makeup. However, ensure that while doing this eye art you have enough time in hand and the right set of cosmetics, so that you don't go wrong while applying the cat eyeliner.


Step I:

Arrange The Requisites Of The Cat Eye Makeup

To do the cat eye makeup, you'll require the following:

  • An eye pencil
  • An eyeshadow
  • A gel eyeliner
  • An old credit card
  • Cotton balls
  • A primer
  • A concealer

Step II:

Use the primer to cleanse the area around the eyes carefully, using cotton balls. No eye makeup ingredient should enter your eyes by mistake, as it can result in an eye irritation.


Step III:

Use the concealer to make a triangle right beneath your eyes till the cheekbone. Cover the triangle with one coat of the concealer. This is to cover your dark circles.


Step IV:

Now, take the eyeshadow box and brush and fix your mind which colour you will go for. Once you decide on the colour of your eyeshadow based on your dress and the rest of the clothes, it's time to apply it.

Put a drop of the primer and mix the eyeshadow colour with it using the brush. This will moisten the eyeshadow and make it easy to be applied on your eyes. Please note that the eyeshadow will be light on the nasal side and hence you have to blend more.

Towards the outer side, that is, the ears, you can keep the eyeshadow dark. The eyeshadow should not go out of your eye line.


Step V:

Next, use an eye pencil to make a rough line on your top eyelid and determine the breadth of your eyeliner. If you are a pro in the eyeliner makeup, you can miss this step. But it's better to do the line on the upper eyelid with your eye pencil to ensure that both your eyes get equal and right breadth of the eyeliner.


Step VI:

Join the dots of the eye pencil with the gel eyeliner and fill the space it has with the eyelids. Be very careful while following this step, as in a hurry many end up smudging the eyeliner all over their eyes. Please note, you have to apply the eyeliner in a straight line till the end of your eye and not drag it out.


Step VII:

Now use the old credit card exactly like a ruler and place it to the adjacent side of the eyeliner. Take your eyeliner and draw a straight line on the basis of the credit card. The longer the line you draw, the better defined will be the border of your eyeliner. Instead of a credit card you can also use a metal spoon.


Step VIII:

This is the last and final step of the cat eyeliner makeup application, where using the eyeliner you have to mix the line outside the eyes and the eyeliner on the top of your eyelid. Do this patiently and bingo, your cat eyeliner look is ready to rule.

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