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Steps To Manage Melting Makeup On The Face

It often happens that after a while of your makeup application, it starts to melt and spread all over the face. Women blame their skin for this but the problem is with your cosmetics or how you do your makeup.

This problem of melting makeup can be well tackled if you follow these simple steps while applying cosmetics on the face.

Even if you sweat or get drenched in the rains, abiding by these makeup hacks will lessen the scope of molten makeup.

So, here is a list of simple steps and to-dos that will help keep your makeup in shape and place, than letting it melt or spread all over the face. Take a look.


Spend On Waterproof Cosmetics Only

If melting makeup is a usual problem for you, then your remedy is using waterproof cosmetics. The good deal about waterproof cosmetics is, it sets in the face and thus, there is less scope of melting out. Waterproof cosmetics are high on the cost side, but are extra beneficial for the skin.


Cross Check The Oil Quotient Of Your Cosmetics

Women buy cosmetics either on the basis of brand names or cost. The ideal way to buy cosmetics is to browse through the composition of each of the cosmetic products that you buy. When reading the composition of the cosmetic product, ensure its oil content is less and does not accentuate the melting makeup process.


Blotting Paper And Setting Spray Is A Must

The two must-own products for those who suffer from melting makeup is, blotting paper and a setting spray. When ending your makeup, spray very little setting spray to keep the makeup in place. Next, with the blotting paper, ensure you set in the makeup and lessen the scope of the same getting melted.


Applying Makeup On A Cold Face

Melted makeup can be avoided largely if you apply makeup on a cold face. To prepare a cold face, just take a piece of ice and rub it all over your face for 2-3 seconds. Once done, pat dry and then begin your makeup session. The ice blocks the open and large pores on your face, thereby lessening the scope of oil secretion, thereby avoiding the makeup from melting.


Cut Down On The Number Of Face Cosmetics

Those who suffer from the problem of melted makeup must try and use as less as beauty products and cosmetics as possible. This keeps the makeup in place. To cut down on the number of cosmetic products, you can use an SPF proof powder foundation and thus skip the sunscreen. There are more such alternatives that you can learn from makeup buffs or read online.


Dampen Your Eyeshadow Brush Before Use

Makeup becomes a disaster when the eyeshadow starts melting. There is one single trick that will never let your eyeshadow melt. For this, you will have to dampen the eyeshadow brush and then apply the same on the lids of your eyes. So, using a damp eyeshadow brush can be considered as one of the ways to control melted makeup.


Check Your Hair Condition

Do you know that your hair can actually contribute to your melted makeup? Yes, if your hair is oily in nature, then your makeup can also melt. Here the solution is, before getting started with makeup, either going for a hair wash or applying a dry shampoo would work.


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