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7 Different Alternatives To Threading For Grooming Your Eyebrows

By Shabana

Your eyes are a prominent feature of your face. And what makes them stand out are your eyebrows.

Well defined and perfectly groomed eyebrows will accentuate your entire face. No matter what kind of eyebrows you possess - bushy or thin, they need to be tamed in order for you to look presentable. This usually means a trip to the salon.

Threading is the usual method deployed for removing the excess hair and shaping the eyebrows. Though this method is a little painful, salons prefer this, as it allows them precision. Beauticians twine a thread in their fingers and gently tug onto the hair which is to be removed. This method is the most common way of removing hair on a small surface.

There are many advantages of getting your eyebrows done in a salon. The beautician will be able to shape your eyebrows depending on what looks best on your face. Being professional also means fewer chances of uneven eyebrows and skin cuts.

However, at times, it is just not possible to visit a salon every time your eyebrows grow out. There are many alternatives available that will help you shape your eyebrows better.


1) Clipping With Scissors:

If you want to shape your eyebrows without visiting the salon, take the help of your good old pair of scissors. Brush your eyebrows with a small eyebrow brush or a spooly one. Cut a few hairs on the arches of the upper and lower sides. Cut off uneven lengths if any. Remember to be precise and careful.


2) Waxing:

Some people find waxing eyebrows as a convenient form of shaping them. It is less painful than threading and gives longer lasting results, as the hair is pulled from the roots. But a lot of precision and a steady hand are required, as the wax can be quite sticky and messy.


3) Tweezing:

This is the best alternative to threading. It involves plucking hair by using tweezers. This is very similar to threading but here only individual hair is removed. You can tweeze your eyebrows and maintain their shape once you have got them done by a beautician if you want to avoid frequent trips to the parlour. If you worried about over-tweezed eyebrows, using an eyebrow serum will help the hair grow faster.


4) Razor:

There are razors with a small head available in the market that are specifically designed for your eyebrows. These razors are easy to use and give you good results. The process is comparatively painless too. It requires a one-time investment of the razor and you are good to go. Do remember that the hair will grow back faster, as the hair is not removed from the roots.


5) Laser Treatment:

If the cost is not a factor you are considering, then this is the best option available in the market. Laser hair removal is very effective and painless. Though the process itself is really long, the effects last for a few years. The hair does not grow back for a long time, which also makes the process permanent and you won't be able to change the shape of your eyebrows.


6) Brow Gels:

Do you have a last-minute party invitation and you need to tame your eyebrows ASAP? Then, a brow gel might come to your rescue. Comb your brows using a spooly brush or a mascara one to create the shape you want and tweeze some hair here and there. Apply brow gel to fix them up and you are good to go. They are great last-minute fix-ups for taming your eyebrows.


7) Depilatory Creams:

Depilatory creams are one of the most-preferred options of hair removal by self. They work by dissolving the hair just below the surface. When you are dealing with depilatory creams on the eyebrows, you need to be careful, as there are chances of accidents. Also, these creams do not suit everyone and they need to be used with utmost precision.

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