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Quick Fix Beauty Tools And Makeup Cosmetics That You Must Always Carry In Bag

No matter how much time and effort you take in doing your makeup or decking yourself up, it ultimately gives up or blunders do happen when you're on the go. To manage such situations, it is important to carry your makeup essentials along with you in your bag.

Carrying the entire set of makeup essentials along with you may not make sense, in such cases, you could carry a few essential ones. Carrying these do make sense, as they can easily fix up any makeup blunder. We'd always suggest you to take a few essentials with you in the bag when you are away from home, dear ladies.

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To help you further in knowing about the quick-fix beauty tools and makeup cosmetics to carry, here's a list that can help you out.


Makeup Remover

Suppose you got drenched or a bad day at work made you so pissed that you messed your entire makeup. Well, there is one quick remedy to it - remove your entire makeup and carry a clean look. There is no second beauty than carrying yourself neat and clean. To do this, you just need a makeup remover that you gently coat all over your face and make it look tidy and clean.


Loose Compact Powder

Now suppose your lips and eyes are okay but you think the face has gone dull by the end of the day and you are yet to attend a meeting. Well, the hack is loose compact powder. Take it on cotton pad, dab it only on the perimeter of your face and bingo, you are sure to have a makeover in a minute. Of all face makeup, we recommend carrying a loose compact powder as it sets apart from all existing makeup and is very simple to apply. Ensure that the loose compact powder matches your skin complexion.


Cotton Pad Or Tissue Paper

How simple you want to look or you want to runaway from makeup, as women you must carry cotton pad or tissue paper in your bag. As mentioned earlier, even to use the makeup remover you need a cotton pad. Minor makeup blunders on the face can be managed with the cotton pad. Those who think carrying cotton is messy can count on tissue paper. From eyeliner glitch to extra oily skin - just dab off with your cotton pad or tissue.


Lip Accessory

You eat, you talk or you kiss, the first effect is of your lip colour. It goes off. Here the remedy is to carry the right lip accessory. Alone lipstick won't serve the purpose. The must carry lip accessory is lip balm, so that you can keep your lips moisturized and nourished. Next is the lipstick with a lip liner. So whenever you see your lips are blank or need touch up, just grab the right set of cosmetics and redo it.


Perfume Or Any Sort Of Fragrance

Along with decking up yourself, it is important you smell fresh. So how about a small perfume or deo in your bag? Just go to the washroom and spray it over - your charm spells a magic all over. You can keep changing the perfume every day, so that there is a uniqueness in your body odour that attracts people close to you.


Hair Accessories

Exactly like any other makeup, the hair definitely gives up and that too very pathetically at times. Manage your hair by carrying the right set of hair accessories which includes hair clips, scrunchy and so on, depending on the type and length of your hair. Do not miss to carry ample bobby pins and the comb in your bag. Carrying a hair spray is recommended for days you go for a hair styling.


Eyeliner, Kajal Or Mascara

As mentioned earlier, you should be ready for all kinds of makeup blunders and a common one is with the eyes. Either the eyeliner smudges or kajal spreads all over the dark circle region. Though the number of eye cosmetics you own at home might be a long list but in bag, you must have a mascara, eyeliner, and kajal. When the eye makeup blunders, first clear off the region with ophthalmologically tested makeup remover and then redo the eye makeup using eyeliner, kajal or mascara.


Pocket Mirror

If you have a new place to go to or you are uncertain where you may travel all day long, for those times carry a pocket mirror. If the ladies washroom is full or is not present where you have been, just bring out your pocket mirror and recheck your attire and makeup. Pocket mirror is specially helpful when you are travelling.


Hand Sanitizer

Though many will disagree to call it a cosmetic, it is now available in all makeup stores and is a must carry in the bag above all over other quick fix beauty tools. Hands can go dirty anytime, even while retouching the makeup and then, you use the hand sanitizer. Men and women both must always carry the hand sanitizer.

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